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Welcome to Richmond boudoir, the sexy side of 422 Studio. I'm Ginger and I want to spend the day showing you what a kick ass, beautiful, sensual, afreakingmazin, woman you are. My studio is a judgement free zone where we will spend the day helping you to reconnect with your sensual self. 

There are a few steps to help you Get Sexy --- but first:  

Embrace curiousity! Let your curiosity get the better of you and get nervous, that's right, get nervous about doing something spectacular for yourself. Then learn more about how this works. 

Let go! Let go of all of your excuses. Shut down the self hate telling you that you're not pretty enough for a boudoir session or that you're too fat, too old, too reserved, too imperfect, too too too.... Just shut all that shit down. Let it all go! 

Want it! Decide you really want to take this journey for yourself. This is for you!!! Then click that "Get Sexy" button and reach out to me.

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