Curvy Plus Boudoir Richmond VA

I am so excited to share today’s post. I ran a Muse call earlier this year asking for plus size/curvy women to do boudoir sessions with me that I could share. I needed a couple of awesome women who would be willing to share their boudoir session photos with the world. I got exactly what I was looking for. Bad-ass ladies who wanted to help me show the world that beauty isn’t the realm of one specific body shape, age, race, or hair length. So many of us ladies struggle with the reflection in the mirror because that beautiful woman staring back at us does not look like the women we see in the magazines, on TV or being Instafamous.  Representation matters!! When all we are exposed to is “one size women” it’s hard to feel normal, let alone beautiful, in our own skin. I could go on and on about this topic because I am a plus size, curvy, big girl myself. Learning to love a body that looks nothing like what I see in advertising has been a journey years in the making. Sometimes I STILL struggle to see how beautiful I am, even with a husband who tells me every single day how beautiful and sexy I am (and touches my butt ALL THE TIME <– not a complaint)  it can be hard to see it myself. I firmly believe that when you see yourself reflected in another woman’s fearless self love that shit rubs off on you and you can more easily start the process of loving yourself just as you are today.

In case no one told you today YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Now I’ll let Miss A tell you a little bit about herself and her session. We both have love for Thai food so she wins bonus points for that.

Q. What’s your favorite dine out food? 

A. Thai Drunken Noodles with Chicken, The spicier the better!!!


Q. Favorite band? 

A. Tie between Paramore and Triviaum


Q. All time favorite movie? 

A. Father Goose


Q. Favorite piece of lingerie you brought for your session? 

A. That’s a hard one! I love the black teddy I brought but I think my favorite would have to be the hand made corset


Q. Why did you pick me for to be your photographer? 

A. I had been following and looking up multiple boudoir photographers for a while trying to find one that I like. One that was creative, made their clients feel comfortable, wanted to create a vision together, and one who works with all types of bodies. You want to show REAL woman, the everyday woman, yes you work with models but you also work with a lot of people just like me!

Q. What prompted you to do a Muse session rather than a private session? 

A. I came across you and your work by accident on Instagram one day and when I saw your work I fell in love. I was actually not planning on doing a boudoir shoot for a couple of year. I told myself that when I go to my “ideal weight” that I would reward myself with boudoir photos, but then I saw your muse post for plus size woman and the more I thought about it the more I keep saying why wait? I love myself and if I have the opportunity to show people that you don’t have to hide your body, because people don’t look at you like they do models in a magazines then I should so it. Being a plus size woman doesn’t mean I am not sexy. Having short hair doesn’t mean that I am not beautiful. Having some muscles in my legs and some extra rolls on my stomach is defiantly not the ideal of what people would think of when they think boudoir bodies, but I wanted to show people the beauty of what a real everyday woman looks like. I want other woman to know how beautiful they are. I want them to find what I found, the confidence to be happy and love their bodies no matter what other people think of it. I may have a flat butt, and some extra rolls on my stomach, but I also have killer legs and eyelashes for days! We all have things about us we don’t like but we are all beautiful. The human body, especially a woman’s body is a work of art no matter the shape, size color, age, or texture, I want every woman to have the confidence to get pictures like this done.

Q. What were you nervous about coming into the session? 

A. To be honest I was most nervous that you would want to cover me up more because I was bigger and maybe not use outfits like bra and panty sets. Then the thought occurred to me what if I don’t like ANY of the photos!!!


Q. What was something you did to calm your nerves before your big day? 

A. I made sure to get a good nights sleep and rocked out to music the entire morning up until the moment I knocked on the studio door.


Q. What would you say to another women who was considering doing a session with me (Muse or private)? 

A. DO IT!!!! And remember to do it for YOURSELF!!! It will change the way you feel about yourself. You will feel so empowered ,strong, and sexy as a woman.

Q. What did I do for/with you that was most helpful? 

A. You were constantly there for any question I had. Any email was answered within hours. I also loved the prep sheet and the outfit meeting we had weeks before the shoot!


Q. How did you feel when you left the studio the day of your session? 

A. Like I could conquer the world! I felt empowered and found a new confidence in myself. Even other around me notice I seem even more confident in the way I carry myself.

Q. What is the best thing you took away from your session?

A. I took away a great memory and experience of something that I did for myself and no one else. I got to be dolled up for a day and be taken care of and had the most amazing conversations with a fantastic woman! I couldn’t have asked for more.


Q. What could I have done better? 

A. Honestly you made me feel right at home, you didn’t push me to buy stuff, you were honest and up front about everything from the start.  I didn’t feel rushed and if I asked for something you did it. You pay attention to all the small things. I cannot think of anything really. I just wish you and I had more free time to talk and work on other creative projects together haha!

New site coming soon

I’ve been terrible about blogging lately. I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on 2 new websites. Updating the one here at Richmond Boudoir and building, from scratch, the other over 422 Studio. That one will be coming back as I’m starting to offer head shot services and high school senior portraits. Several clients this past year had me photograph there high school seniors and their head shots and it was so much fun that I decided that I wanted to expand my services. I’ll still be focused primarily on boudoir though so don’t worry about that. My youngest daughter is in middle school and I have more time to take on additional clients. I’m really excited for these changes.

In the mean time here is the session I shot with the seriously wonderful Miss H. She was the winner of our most recent contest over in the private, ladies Facebook group. If you’d like to join us in there feel free to request to join. Here is the Richmond Boudoir VIP Group.

Also a quick reminder that if you are looking to do a boudoir session this holiday season NOW is the time to schedule it. I typically suggest booking at least 4-6 weeks before you’d want your album back so contact me today and let’s get designing  your session.

Curvy Boudoir Richmond Virginia

I myself am a curvy/full figure/plus size woman. I love that us bigger women can search out things we need easily by using the terms curvy or plus and let’s be honest voluptuous is a lot harder to spell and when you’re shopping for jeans online curvy/plus is there like a google assistant to help you find things that fit.

A while back I put out a Monday Muse call asking for curvy, plus size, full figure women to do a boudoir photography session with me. Muse sessions are sessions where I get to share the images we create that day. I get asked often if I shoot bigger women and the answer is YES!!! I love my curvy clients! I hear many plus sized women say that they don’t think boudoir photography is for them because “I’m to fat and the women on your site are not big like me”. I hated hearing this. It bummed me out. I needed curvy women to come in to do a session so that other women could see them looking and feeling gorgeous and in some way get permission to be sexy and feel beautiful themselves. I know I would be hesitant to work with someone who didn’t represent me on their site. I would be afraid they wouldn’t know how to pose my body in flattering ways. I want anyone who comes to do a session with me to feel like I’ve got her taken care of. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now and I want you to be able to trust that you’re going to get amazing images from your session regardless of your measurements.

Luckily I got 2 wonderful women who were excited to volunteer to show the rest of the world that boudoir is for ALL shapes and sizes. There is no weight or BMI requirement to do a session with me. You can do a session with me today. As you are. Not just when you’ve lost that 5, 10 or 50 pounds but right here, right now, right where you are today. We all want to look dam good in our lingerie and feel sexy. I want you to know that boudoir is for you too. I will guide you through selecting wardrobe, styling tips, poses and expressions too. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered.

Miss T’s boudoir session is the first of these 2 sessions that I get to share. I really hope that she inspires more women to follow suit and let me share their curvy boudoir session. Or maybe she’ll just inspire you to come in and do your own session. BTW you are never required to share images from your session. Your privacy is important to me and I don’t share anything I don’t have permission to share.

Contact me today and let’s get planning your dream boudoir session.

Her outfits were found at:

Black bra and pantie set Kiss and Makeup Richmond (black lace robe is studio wardrobe)

Red/Merlot slip: Torrid Short Pump Towne Center (studio wardrobe)

Richmond boudoir is located inside 422 Studio in Richmond Virginia. Specializing in intimate portrait photography for women.

Virginia Boudoir Photography

I have been terrible about blogging lately. April was a crazy busy month for me and I just didn’t have to brain power to sit down and come up with something creative to say. It would have looked like “Hey check out this gorgeous client” followed by a handful of pictures. May is also busy but I decided I wanted to take the time out to share some recent boudoir photography sessions.

This amazing woman contacted me some time ago wanting to do a boudoir session and as all to often happens, life got in the way (in a big way) and she waited to do the session. When she finally had the chance to come in to meet me for her style consultation I knew pretty much right away that we were going to hit it off and that not only would she have a great session but that I would get something big out of working with her. You see I get the opportunity to hear the stories of the women I work with and each one of them helps me grow not only in my craft but in my understanding of other people. Some of them have such incredible personal stories that hearing them helps me to better understand what it might be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. I feels good to connect with a client. I also like when I can help her see herself differently and, in many cases, in a more positive light. It makes my work so fulfilling.  This particular woman is a total badass. Not only is she a mom (which is a huge job), she’s a cancer survivor and on top of that she is a triathlete and all around impressive woman.  Managing a family is hard work. I can’t even imagine being motivated enough to participate in multiple marathons and tri’s on top of that. I’m so not the running type that it’s beyond comprehension to me. Surviving cancer not once, but twice and still being sane and able to pull off being an amazing athlete just leaves me so inspired.

Thank you Miss D for allowing me to photograph you. I really enjoyed working with you and I’m glad we’ve become friends.

Also I know I’m going to get asked about her mastectomy tattoo. It was done by Amy Black Tattoos in Richmond VA. Check out her work and her organization Pink Ink for more information on post mastectomy tattooing. Her work is amazing and life changing for so many women who’ve been touched by cancer.

More pictures from her session are in the slideshow here. If you’re on mobile they’re already showing for you.

Ready to schedule your boudoir session? Contact me today and let’s plan your perfect session.

Boudoir Portraiture Richmond Virginia

Part 1 of this lovely ladies session is on the blog today. We spent most of her session in the darker room in the studio, which just got an overhaul that I’m really excited about. This space is dramatic and moody and I love the way bodyscapes and nudes look in this space. Some of the images in this post might be considered Not safe for viewing at work.

I love this green bra and pantie set that she brought for her session. It really works well with her skin tone and tattoo work.

I did this session with Erica Fett, who is a well known alt model, to be able to show something a little more risque that shows what we can accomplish styling wise with your session as well.  Most of my clients want to get outside of the lingerie box with their styling and adding some level of nudity to your session is a natural way to do just that. So in case you were wondering if we can do that, yes we can.

Let’s talk about creating a session that perfectly suits you. Email me today!

If your boss doesn’t want you seeing lady nipples you may want to stop here.

Boudoir Photography for Women

Spring is here and I couldn’t be more ready for it. It’s one of the 2 times a year I feel most ready to take on new challenges. New Years doesn’t always do it for me because I feel like I’m ready to hibernate for the winter by the end of January. For me the big make it happen times are in September, when the kids go back to school, and Spring when the world starts to wake up again. Those two periods are the most motivating of the entire year for me. Back in January I did set some pretty big goals for the studio though. One of them was to blog more regularly. It’s on my “must do” list but definitely not on my “want to” list. I think I’m doing pretty well so far and getting caught up on sharing sessions from my beautiful clients. If there is something, other than a session, you’d like me to blog about let me know. I’m always open to new ideas and of course I love talking about all things that make women’s lives better so drop me some idea’s in the comments. The other big goal was to photograph 100 women this year. I’m well on my way to that goal and April is going to be full of great sessions.  This is really shaping up to be a fantastic spring.

Today I’m sharing a lovely session from a Monday Muse client who is not only a gorgeous woman but also makes me have total hair envy. Her fiery red locks are so beautiful. She was so wonderful to work with and I’m super happy she came in and allowed me to share. I know it helps other women to see what an amazing experience this can be for them too. I’m ever grateful to my brave Monday Muse clients for stepping out of those comfort zones and allowing other women to see for themselves how my sessions look.

See more of her session in the slideshow (on mobile this part just shows as images and not a slideshow).

Women’s Intimate Portraits Richmond VA

NSFW if your job is concerned about lady nipples anyhow. If not then proceed! Or proceed anyhow. That’s up to you!

I’m hopping on today to post a recent Monday Muse session. I love when ladies come in ready to share their experience so that other women can see what it’s like to do a boudoir session with me. When a woman comes in and is willing to be vulnerable and walk through the experience with me we can make some real magic. This was her first time working with me and I just love her set. It was a quick one but we still captured some really wonderful images. I love celebrating women in my work no matter where they are in their lives. Thanks for being Awesome Miss L and thanks for sharing your session. 

More images from her session are here in the slideshow (on mobile there is no slide show they’re just here). She’s so colorful that I selected very few black and white images. It seems a shame to take the brilliance of her colors away.

Intimate Portraits for Women VA

Hi ladies! Putting up a quick post from a recent Monday Muse session. I absolutely love the connection we were able to get in her session. Her expressions really shows how well she relaxed and got into the session. I’m always grateful when a client comes in and is able to give herself completely to the process. We always get incredible images when that happens. Let’s talk about getting you into the studio this year for your session.

Did you know I am hosting a Self Love Series in the studio? Find out more info on the Facebook invite HERE. 

Virginia Intimate Portraits

I’m getting all prepped and ready to head to Las Vegas for a boudoir photography workshop followed by a quick stop in Arizona to see my son. I am so grateful to have the chance to work with an amazing and talented group of photographers who really want to help each other grow. What a great industry to be a part of. I absolutely love my job.

I wanted to leave you all with one of my favorite Monday Muse sessions to check out while I’m traveling. This beautiful woman was completely fantastic to work with. Beauty and kindness a total dream to photograph. She breezed through her session like she’d been modeling for years and this was the first time she’d had professional portraits made in years. I love when a woman is able to fully surrender to the process. Then all of her nerves melt away and we are able to make magic.  Being a boudoir photographer is a dream job for me and I am grateful to still be at it, coming up on 10 years. This year is proving to already be a year of growth and discovery for me and I look forward to this milestone year being something to celebrate.

Are you a fan of the studio on Facebook? You may want to join our private group for clients and prospective clients. Here is the link. Request to join today! I post all the studio events in here first. Here is the link VIP private group

I don’t have all of her outfit info but the pink outfit and black bra, panty and garter set were from Victoria’s Secret.


Monday Muse Model For a Day Sessions

I’ve decided to make this post to reflect my general info for Monday Muse sessions rather than posting the same info over and over again in new blog posts.  When I have a Muse session live I’ll post it on my social media and simply link to this post.

Throughout the year I will be looking for adventurous women who are willing to do a boudoir session with me and are able to sign a FULL MODEL RELEASE. Your session would be featured on my website, social media, blog and more. During these sessions we’ll create images (and maybe some video’s) that I can use for promoting my studio. I want NON-MODELS who are representative of my every day clients. This means I want women just like you! Women who would be happy to share a peek into what it was like to do their boudoir session and help other women feel comfortable about doing their own session in the process.

THESE ARE NOT TFP SESSIONS FOR ASPIRING OR PRO MODELS.  I offer Muse sessions because it’s important to me that the images on my site be of actual clients rather than professional models. You’re absolutely welcome to sign up anyway if you want to do a boudoir session, just know it’s not a TFP or free session deal. I don’t use images that don’t get ordered by my clients and there is a minimum order requirement for any session with me.

Interested? Scroll down for the details. Model MondayWHO I’M LOOKING FOR?

Bold, adventurous, confident, sensual. Is that you?

Would you like it to be?

Are you age 21-50?

Are you willing/able to work on projects with me that intimately capture your unique beauty while sharing the experience with others?

Are you available to come to my studio for the session on a week day?

Would you enjoy getting pampered with a glamorous make over?

Do you own lots of sexy lingerie? If not are you willing to acquire a few exceptional pieces?


  • you must be willing and able to SIGN A FULL MODEL RELEASE for these sessions. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • be 21-50 years of age
  • be available to shoot on a weekday
  • pay a makeup fee (remember it comes back to you as product credit for use only on the day of your session)
  • be a new face to the studio. If you’ve done a session with me in the last 12 months you’re not eligible this time.
  • be willing and able to acquire wardrobe with the look/feel that we’ll discuss.

I will be using the images  you order in my portfolio, studio samples, website, social media and where ever else I may need them. I want a variety of ethnicities, ages and body types so please step out of your comfort zone with me and lets create amazing images that you’ll be thrilled to share with everyone.


You get to: ….feel amazing… look super sexy…. rock gorgeous lingerie…..step outside your comfort zone….. feel empowered…. be excited….. have fun…. build confidence.

Also as a thank you for being my Muse your session fee, which is normally $425, is on the house. You do pay a $100 makeup fee, however, it’s credited back to you to put toward your image order.  There is a $500 minimum order with any session. Come ready to select all of your favorite images just as if you had done a private session. We do your image reveal the same day as your session so you don’t have to wait to see how amazing you look. You have a unique opportunity to collaborate on an intimate portrait experience with Richmond’s premier, award winning, boudoir photography studio.  I have years of experience (since 2007) working with women of all shapes and sizes. Together we’ll create gorgeous, sensual, images that you’ll proudly display and cherish for years to come.


  1. Email me at ginger(at) and send me 2 pictures of yourself. 1 head shot and 1 full body shot.  Send pictures with no filters or editing and with your hair down.
  2. Tell me why you think you’d be a good fit for this Muse session and why you want to work with me.
  3. You will be notified via email if selected.
  4. Don’t delay! Muse sessions are only open for a few days once posted. Openings in my muse sessions are limited in number and fill quickly.

Scroll down to see a few images from past Muse sessions. IMG_2679richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9861bw-0995richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2207bw-3917richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4728richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2794richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-3fredericksburg-boudoir-photographer-2494 422 Studio, Ginger Richmond Photography, is located in Richmond Virginia and serves the DMV area and beyond. Providing boudoir and intimate portrait photography for Richmond, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, DC, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg and ladies all over the fine state of Virginia.