Boudoir Photography for Women

Spring is here and I couldn’t be more ready for it. It’s one of the 2 times a year I feel most ready to take on new challenges. New Years doesn’t always do it for me because I feel like I’m ready to hibernate for the winter by the end of January. For me the big make it happen times are in September, when the kids go back to school, and Spring when the world starts to wake up again. Those two periods are the most motivating of the entire year for me. Back in January I did set some pretty big goals for the studio though. One of them was to blog more regularly. It’s on my “must do” list but definitely not on my “want to” list. I think I’m doing pretty well so far and getting caught up on sharing sessions from my beautiful clients. If there is something, other than a session, you’d like me to blog about let me know. I’m always open to new ideas and of course I love talking about all things that make women’s lives better so drop me some idea’s in the comments. The other big goal was to photograph 100 women this year. I’m well on my way to that goal and April is going to be full of great sessions.  This is really shaping up to be a fantastic spring.

Today I’m sharing a lovely session from a Monday Muse client who is not only a gorgeous woman but also makes me have total hair envy. Her fiery red locks are so beautiful. She was so wonderful to work with and I’m super happy she came in and allowed me to share. I know it helps other women to see what an amazing experience this can be for them too. I’m ever grateful to my brave Monday Muse clients for stepping out of those comfort zones and allowing other women to see for themselves how my sessions look.

See more of her session in the slideshow (on mobile this part just shows as images and not a slideshow).

Women’s Intimate Portraits Richmond VA

NSFW if your job is concerned about lady nipples anyhow. If not then proceed! Or proceed anyhow. That’s up to you!

I’m hopping on today to post a recent Monday Muse session. I love when ladies come in ready to share their experience so that other women can see what it’s like to do a boudoir session with me. When a woman comes in and is willing to be vulnerable and walk through the experience with me we can make some real magic. This was her first time working with me and I just love her set. It was a quick one but we still captured some really wonderful images. I love celebrating women in my work no matter where they are in their lives. Thanks for being Awesome Miss L and thanks for sharing your session. 

More images from her session are here in the slideshow (on mobile there is no slide show they’re just here). She’s so colorful that I selected very few black and white images. It seems a shame to take the brilliance of her colors away.

Intimate Portraits for Women VA

Hi ladies! Putting up a quick post from a recent Monday Muse session. I absolutely love the connection we were able to get in her session. Her expressions really shows how well she relaxed and got into the session. I’m always grateful when a client comes in and is able to give herself completely to the process. We always get incredible images when that happens. Let’s talk about getting you into the studio this year for your session.

Did you know I am hosting a Self Love Series in the studio? Find out more info on the Facebook invite HERE. 

Virginia Intimate Portraits

I’m getting all prepped and ready to head to Las Vegas for a boudoir photography workshop followed by a quick stop in Arizona to see my son. I am so grateful to have the chance to work with an amazing and talented group of photographers who really want to help each other grow. What a great industry to be a part of. I absolutely love my job.

I wanted to leave you all with one of my favorite Monday Muse sessions to check out while I’m traveling. This beautiful woman was completely fantastic to work with. Beauty and kindness a total dream to photograph. She breezed through her session like she’d been modeling for years and this was the first time she’d had professional portraits made in years. I love when a woman is able to fully surrender to the process. Then all of her nerves melt away and we are able to make magic.  Being a boudoir photographer is a dream job for me and I am grateful to still be at it, coming up on 10 years. This year is proving to already be a year of growth and discovery for me and I look forward to this milestone year being something to celebrate.

Are you a fan of the studio on Facebook? You may want to join our private group for clients and prospective clients. Here is the link. Request to join today! I post all the studio events in here first. Here is the link VIP private group

I don’t have all of her outfit info but the pink outfit and black bra, panty and garter set were from Victoria’s Secret.


Monday Muse Model For a Day Sessions

I’ve decided to make this post to reflect my general info for Monday Muse sessions rather than posting the same info over and over again in new blog posts.  When I have a Muse session live I’ll post it on my social media and simply link to this post.

Throughout the year I will be looking for adventurous women who are willing to do a boudoir session with me and are able to sign a FULL MODEL RELEASE. Your session would be featured on my website, social media, blog and more. During these sessions we’ll create images (and maybe some video’s) that I can use for promoting my studio. I want NON-MODELS who are representative of my every day clients. This means I want women just like you! Women who would be happy to share a peek into what it was like to do their boudoir session and help other women feel comfortable about doing their own session in the process.

THESE ARE NOT TFP SESSIONS FOR ASPIRING OR PRO MODELS.  I offer Muse sessions because it’s important to me that the images on my site be of actual clients rather than professional models. You’re absolutely welcome to sign up anyway if you want to do a boudoir session, just know it’s not a TFP or free session deal. I don’t use images that don’t get ordered by my clients and there is a minimum order requirement for any session with me.

Interested? Scroll down for the details. Model MondayWHO I’M LOOKING FOR?

Bold, adventurous, confident, sensual. Is that you?

Would you like it to be?

Are you age 21-50?

Are you willing/able to work on projects with me that intimately capture your unique beauty while sharing the experience with others?

Are you available to come to my studio for the session on a week day?

Would you enjoy getting pampered with a glamorous make over?

Do you own lots of sexy lingerie? If not are you willing to acquire a few exceptional pieces?


  • you must be willing and able to SIGN A FULL MODEL RELEASE for these sessions. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • be 21-50 years of age
  • be available to shoot on a weekday
  • pay a makeup fee (remember it comes back to you as product credit for use only on the day of your session)
  • be a new face to the studio. If you’ve done a session with me in the last 12 months you’re not eligible this time.
  • be willing and able to acquire wardrobe with the look/feel that we’ll discuss.

I will be using the images  you order in my portfolio, studio samples, website, social media and where ever else I may need them. I want a variety of ethnicities, ages and body types so please step out of your comfort zone with me and lets create amazing images that you’ll be thrilled to share with everyone.


You get to: ….feel amazing… look super sexy…. rock gorgeous lingerie…..step outside your comfort zone….. feel empowered…. be excited….. have fun…. build confidence.

Also as a thank you for being my Muse your session fee, which is normally $425, is on the house. You do pay a $100 makeup fee, however, it’s credited back to you to put toward your image order.  There is a $500 minimum order with any session. Come ready to select all of your favorite images just as if you had done a private session. We do your image reveal the same day as your session so you don’t have to wait to see how amazing you look. You have a unique opportunity to collaborate on an intimate portrait experience with Richmond’s premier, award winning, boudoir photography studio.  I have years of experience (since 2007) working with women of all shapes and sizes. Together we’ll create gorgeous, sensual, images that you’ll proudly display and cherish for years to come.


  1. Email me at ginger(at) and send me 2 pictures of yourself. 1 head shot and 1 full body shot.  Send pictures with no filters or editing and with your hair down.
  2. Tell me why you think you’d be a good fit for this Muse session and why you want to work with me.
  3. You will be notified via email if selected.
  4. Don’t delay! Muse sessions are only open for a few days once posted. Openings in my muse sessions are limited in number and fill quickly.

Scroll down to see a few images from past Muse sessions. IMG_2679richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9861bw-0995richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2207bw-3917richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4728richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2794richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-3fredericksburg-boudoir-photographer-2494 422 Studio, Ginger Richmond Photography, is located in Richmond Virginia and serves the DMV area and beyond. Providing boudoir and intimate portrait photography for Richmond, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, DC, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg and ladies all over the fine state of Virginia.

Do it for you! Richmond Boudoir

The reasons my clients come to me for a boudoir session are as varied as my clients themselves. For some they want a sexy gift to give their lover. Other’s it’s to celebrate a milestone birthday, weight loss, marriage, divorce, or (one of my favorite reasons) just because they wanted to do something outside of their comfort zone. They wanted to step out and do something that was just a little scary and exciting. Some want to see what their partner sees. Others don’t feel so beautiful in their day to day lives and they just want the opportunity to reconnect with feeling sensual, beautiful, seductive and feminine. What ever the reason you decide to do your session know that I can not wait to work with you to make your dream session a reality. I love my job (it’s the very best job in the world for me) and I can’t wait to do for you what I’ve been doing for my clients for nearly 10 years. A boudoir photography session is exciting, it’s out of the norm for most of us and it’s a great way to get back a sense of confidence that maybe you’ve lost touch with. Starting your boudoir journey is as easy as emailing me and starting a conversation about what your session could look like. Email me today and let’s start challenging that comfort zone of yours.  best boudoir photographer richmond vaintimate portraits for women virginiawilliamsburg boudoir photographercharlottesville boudoir photographyhampton roads boudoir photographyboudoir portrait studio virginiabeauty portraits richmond virginiaBridal boudoir photography richmond vaVirginia intimate portrait photographerRichmond Virginia boudoir photographybw-5767

I don’t have all of her wardrobe info but that super sexy crisscross number and black bodysuit are from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Body stocking I believe she said is from Taboo in Richmond. They’ve also started carrying the Hauty line of lingerie which is indeed HOT.

422 Studio is located in Richmond, VA’s near west end.  I’ve been in business since 2007 and I keep an all female team for your comfort. I only share images from sessions of my super awesome clients who are willing and able to share. My super awesome clients who can’t share don’t let me and that’s fine too. I respect your privacy.

I look forward to meeting you.


422 Studio


Best of 2016

I love doing a “best of” post at the beginning of the new year. It gives me a chance to reflect on my body of work, see where I’m strong and where I need to grow more. This year my best of are seriously some of my favorite images that I’ve ever made. I probably say that every year, but then again isn’t that the point, to love your work more and more each year. I suppose that means you’re growing in ways you can feel proud of. For me this year brought many, shall we say, provocative changes to my work. I’ve worked very hard to create images with a deeper connection to my clients. My work is heading in a direction that I personally feel very excited about, I hope you do too. I’m creating images with my clients that are more intimate, sensual and personal and that makes me feel a great sense of pride.  These images are a very small sampling of my best sessions and best work this year. I could have loaded this post with hundreds of images (which would have been easier than narrowing them down) but that would be to much. More of each session can be, or will be soon, found on the blog if you want to see more.

Still more changes are in store for the studio this year and I am happily working behind the scenes to get those out to you.  I set some pretty steep goals for myself for 2017, one of which is to photograph 100 boudoir sessions this year.  I set it that high because I want to push myself even harder this year. I want to create more. I want to meet more of Virginia’s amazing women. I want to hear your stories and I want to capture your sensual, intimate selves. I am beyond excited for the studio this year and I hope to see you soon.

Without further ado here are just a handful of my favorite images from 2016. These client images are shared with permission from the client, as always.

richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9861 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9405

bw2-3968 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4728 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9115 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-6951 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-5767 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4903-2 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4842 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2794 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2207 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-3 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2646 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-5644 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2685 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9351 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9109 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2701 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9848 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2716 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2 img_9904richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4937

I wish you all a prosperous and extraordinary 2017. May you step outside of your comfort zone and totally crush your goals this year.

Thanks for making my 2016 a spectacular year.



This is me wishing you a happy new year!


Very Sexy Valentine Gift

I don’t know about you but I’m actually getting really excited for 2017. I have set some pretty big goals for myself for 2017, both at work and for me personally. One of those work goals is to bring the boudoir photography experience to over 100 women this year. That’s a lot of photo sessions and when I type it out it seems like so many and that makes me really happy. I’m getting a jump start on that goal by offering a boudoir marathon/mini session this January. This is a one day event, January 28th, and it’s only open to 4 women. Come join myself and makeup artist Nicole Lauglin in getting glammed up and creating a very sexy gift for your Valentine this year.  Scroll down for all of the details.



The session fee is $300 

Your session will take place in my dedicated boudoir photography studio, located in Richmond VA, on January 28th.

There will be just 4 openings with the first starting at 9:30am.

Bring your favorite lingerie outfit, the one you feel most sensual in.  We’ll also take time to capture your sexy strip tease down into our classic sheet set. You’ll have about 30 minutes in front of the camera.

Nicole will get you all glammed up with a makeup makeover, including false eyelash application. Arrive with your hair styled how you love it.

You’ll receive 3 fully edited, print ready digital files as a download as part of your session. Of course you’ll have the option to purchase additional products.

Once you’ve finished strutting your stuff at your session you’ll head out for a break and return to the studio that afternoon for your private, in studio, image reveal This is where you’ll select your 3 favorite images and have the opportunity to purchase additional digital files, albums and wall art.

This is the perfect way to create a unique Valentines Day gift for your lover or to treat yourself to something special. Contact me today to secure your space. Half of the session fee is due to reserve your time slot. The remainder is due the day of your session. You’re going to have so many images you love that you’ll want to come prepared to select more but 3 is a good start.

My studio is located at 2405 Westwood Ave suite 201 in Henrico, RVA’s near west end. I can’t wait to meet you!


422 Studio



Intimate Portraiture for Women

Often times people don’t know what to call my style of photographic work. Technically it’s called boudoir (pronounced bü-ˌdwär) photography. I tend to think of it as expressive or intimate portraiture session because to me, that’s exactly what it is. I work one on one with my clients in an intimate setting to capture them expressing themselves. It’s not classical, smile for the camera, portraiture, although I do capture those moments as well. It’s more about allowing women permission to embrace their sensuality and giving them  a way to express it visually.  Yes, I said allowing permission since we, as women, often seek out others who are doing the things that we wish we could do too. We look for those fearless boss lady types and when we see them then we feel safer in our choices to pursue our desires and dreams. Safety in numbers and sisterhood I suppose is a factor that drives that. I know that I am thrilled when a client of mine feels free to share her images. It shows other women, you can do this too. It’s safe to express yourself, it feels good, and you will love it. Now I understand not every client is going to have the ability to share her session, and that’s totally ok, but when they can I do a happy dance and bring that session to the blog.

Today’s featured client had so many amazing images that I think I’m going to have to break it into two posts with one later this month. She was wonderful to work with and quite an inspiration. She brought some incredible lingerie on top of an awesome personality. I’ll link to the lingerie at the end of the post. In the mean time here is part 1 of her session.

img_9976boudoir photography richmond vaimg_0067img_9880img_0019img_9848img_9897img_9904img_9878img_9858img_0054img_9986

White lingerie body suit is from Agent Provocateur

422 Studio is a boudoir photography studio and is proudly woman owned by Ginger Curry-Richmond and having served the Richmond, Virginia area since 2007. Contact me today to talk about scheduling your very own portrait session.

Holiday 2016 Boudoir Schedule

Hello  ladies! Just posting really quick about the studio’s 2016 Holiday boudoir photography session deadlines. In order to get your album back in time for Christmas gift giving you must complete your session, or payment plan, by December 10th. I currently have only 5 Saturday sessions available between now and December 10th.

If you are looking only for digital files then the Jade session is a great way for you to get in before Christmas and do a quick session. This session can be done through December 16th and still be delivered to you, via email, in time for Christmas.


Contact me today to get on my schedule.