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This beautiful woman on the blog today is one of my dearest friends here in Virginia. I’ve known her for more years than I can remember at this point. I’ve tried many times over the years to get her in front of my camera and finally she let me. She is one of the kindest, most big hearted women I know. I love her to pieces and I’m beyond happy that she let me work with her. She’s seen me through so much in the last few years and I’m forever grateful. She’s had her own personal battles the last couple of years as well and I think she finally just felt ready to allow me to pamper her for the day and walk away with a confidence boost of her own. I love her images and it’s always fun to work with someone I know so well. Richmond Virginia Boudoir PhototgrapherRichmond Virginia Boudoir PhototgrapherRichmond va boudoir photographerRichmond Virginia Boudoir PhototgrapherVirginia Intimate Portrait photographerVirginia Intimate Portrait photographerWomen's portraiture virginiaWomen's portraiture virginiaWomen's portraiture virginiaBridal boudoir photographer richmond virginia

What to Wear Bridal Boudoir

In today’s post I’m going to explore a few of the options for styling your bridal boudoir photography session. There are many more but this is a good start.

I photograph a lot of brides each year who are all looking to create a grooms gift that is going to really be unique to them. Many of them want to work some elements of bridal styling into the session. These are just a few of the suggestions I have for adding a bridal vibe to your boudoir session. Bringing wedding day elements like your veil, shoes and garter are classics and I do suggest bringing them if you can. If you don’t want to go with a traditional look there are many ways to get that bridal feel without all of those components.

This one is pretty obvious. Choose white lingerie. White lace is beautiful, classic, timeless and feminine. Not to mention white lingerie really does seem to say bridal. This amazing piece is from Agent Provocateur. They have some of the most amazing lingerie I’ve ever shot.
richmond virginia bridal boudoir photographer

Don’t want to go all white? Try white pieces that work in another color like this gorgeous white and black bodysuit. It still feels bridal and many of my non-traditional brides will bring a piece like this. what to wear bridal boudoir

Be sure to chose pieces that fit your personality and style. You don’t want to feel like you’re playing dress up so stay true to you.
virginia boudoir photographer

Adding lingerie that is off white works well too.  It’s a great alternative if you aren’t interested in choosing crisp white pieces. This garter slip from Victoria’s Secret looked amazing on her and gave a bridal feel without being classic white. Try cream tones or flesh tones. richmond-virginia-bridal-boudoir-photographer-2

Bringing your veil and garter are always a great way to create a classic bridal look. Your wedding day heels can work well with this too.
richmond virgina bridal studio

A cute cheeky pantie can be a fun way to make a bridal statement without having to bring in your veil. best grooms gift virginia

Again classic white with black or blue styling details is always a good look. bridal styling richmond virginia

Try adding something blue here. This blue set, also from VS, works in a subtle, bridal feel while forgoing traditional white all together.
dc boudoir photographer

Again your blue’s should suit your personal styling as well and with so many great choices out there from pastel blues to navy you’re sure to find one that looks amazing with your skin tone. virginia beach boudoir

This is a fun way to make a statement, literally. Graphic tee’s like this Wifey tee are a fun, flirty way to add a clearly bridal vibe to your boudoir session. They are easy to find with a quick google search and I’ve seen it on t-shirts, tank tops, sweat shirts, and even panties. Have some fun with yours. We cut the neck line on this one to open it up.  You can find a variety of these tee’s so if Wifey isn’t the expression for you find one that, again, suits your personal style. Bridal Boudoir Photographer Richmond VA

This is one of the more unique pieces I’ve seen.  She had it made by a maker on Etsy. Etsy is one of the most wonderful places to find handmade and customize-able bridal accessories. Bringing bridal accessories to your session, like this date bracelet, is a fantastic way to really show off those delicate details that are also very personal.

tidewater va bridal boudoir

As with any boudoir session you’d do with me I do suggest always, ALWAYS, keep your styling in line with your personal style. You want to feel comfortable and sexy in your wardrobe, not costumed or like you’re playing dress up in someone else’s clothes. You’ll want to cherish these images long after you’ve given your partner the album so keeping your styling classic is always a good idea. When you schedule your bridal boudoir session I’ll send you my style guide and we’ll set up your style consultation. I don’t leave you hanging on your own trying to figure out what to wear. I do have lingerie pieces and accessories in my boudoir studio to supplement your own styling too. We are fortunate in Richmond to have several great local lingerie boutiques and many of the national chains. If you’re looking for something specific to bring to your session I’ll help you find it.

If you’re getting married this fall you still have time to see me to create an amazing gift for your partner.

Let’s talk about getting you in for your bridal boudoir session today. Email me at ginger{at} or simply fill out my contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Boudoir Studio Richmond, VA

Hey ladies,

I hope you had an excellent weekend. I took the weekend off to spend time out in nature with my boyfriend and our kids and it was awesome. We hiked in Grayson Highlands State Park, where there is no internet or cell service. Taking time off the grid like that always makes me come home feeling recharged and ready to get shit done. One of my “back to school” goals (kinda like NYE goals) was to blog more often. I’ve been going back through some of my favorite Monday Muse sessions and realizing that there are several that I never shared or I only shared one or two images on social media. Today I’m going to share one of my wonderful muse clients who was so much fun to work with. In fact she’s been my muse on two occasions, once for this boudoir session and once for a couples boudoir session. I loved working with her both times (and her hubby too) she is so willing to let me play and get creative and she’s just been game for anything.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from her solo session. Thanks Mrs M for being willing to let me create.

Richmond boudoir photographerboudoir photography studio virginiaboudoir studio virgniahampton roads boudoirwilliamsburg boudoirvirginia boudoir photographervirginia beach boudoirdc boudoirfredericksburg boudoircharlottesville boudoir

Interested in being a studio Muse? I’ll be posting information on new Muse session offerings in the next 2 weeks so keep your eyes open for that announcement.

Wardrobe info:

The gorgeous collar and cuffs are a piece I have in the studio wardrobe that you are welcome to use at your session. They make a statement with, or without, your favorite lingerie pieces.

Her gorgeous dress was from Rent the Runway. This was such a fun piece. I love how it sparkles.

Lovely black lace bra and pantie set were from Kiss and Makeup, which is one of Richmond’s best lingerie boutiques. I absolutely love the high waisted Hanky Panky panties and Ruth at Kiss carries them. When you’re shopping for your boudoir session with me let her know and she’ll make sure your pieces fit well and look fantastic.

Boudoir Photographer Richmond, VA

These eyes! Woah! This client came in for a Monday Muse session a while back and she totally had the bedroom eyes down. I love working with women who own their beauty and allow me to capture that. Not all of us know how to do it though, especially not with a camera in our faces, but it’s my job to help you get there. Even if you’re “not photogenic” or you “hate having my picture taken” or “I haven’t had a professional portrait made since my wedding”.  Don’t worry! You’re in good hands here. I’ll talk with you before your session about what your expecting and needing. I’ll guide you through styling your wardrobe so that what you want to communicate with your images comes through in your styling. My stylists will listen to you and work with you to create a hair and makeup look that reflects your personality as well. I have years of posing experience and will even help you relax and make genuine, flattering, expressions. I absolutely love my job working with women brings me so much joy.  Creating images that are expressive is what I do and is second nature at this point. Let me help you create images that express your sensual self in a way you’ll be proud of for years to come.
richmond-boudoir-photographer-2531Virginia Boudoir photographer

virginia beach boudoirfredericksburg-boudoir-photographer-2494img_2499Richmond Boudoir Photographerrichmond-boudoir-photographer-2502charlottesville boudoirboudoir newport news


My boudoir studio is located in the west end of Richmond, Virginia. I offer boudoir photography sessions for women and couples in Richmond and far beyond. If you’re curious about what a session might look like for you just email me and let’s start a conversation. I’m always happy to get information to you about what to expect.

Want to know my pricing? Click the image below and that will take you to my all inclusive packages pricing page.

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Summer send off

I can hardly believe the summer is already over. It’s flown by. As a mom with school aged kids I’ve always felt that back to school is like New Years all over again. It’s a chance to start a new project, or finish one of the many unfinished ones, renew clean eating and exercise  habits, or maybe just clean  your house and have it stay that way for 6 whole hours. I miss my sweet girl but I also welcome the routine the school  year brings.

For me it’s a chance to refocus on work as September is also the start of my busy season. I thought this year it would be nice to do a little summer send off post featuring just a few of my favorite images from clients who’ve allowed me to share their sessions so far this year.

Richmond Boudoir Photographer-6951 IMG_9257 bw-9239 IMG_4866 bw--4 IMG_9405 IMG_2646 bw-4587 bw-2860 bw-4842 Richmond Boudoir Photographer-6930 Richmond Boudoir Photographer-6979 IMG_2685 IMG_5352 IMG_2960-Edit IMG_6039


Whether you’ve got a child starting pre-K or heading off to college, I hope your send off day was smooth and sweet. Now is a great time for some pampering time for yourself. If you’ve been considering doing a boudoir photography session contact me today and I’ll get you more information.


The Jade Session and Personal Post

Richmond boudoir photographerThose of you who know me may know that I’ve been struggling with back pain issues for a while now. Recently I found out that I have a fractured vertebrae and one of my disks is basically gone. This sucks! On top of sucking, it makes it painful for me to stand for long periods of time. Plus I don’t get to do some of the things I love most, like hiking on Sundays. It’s just to painful to be up walking around for that long. I’m meeting with a neurosurgeon in the next couple of weeks and I’m hopeful that they’ll have me all fixed up in no time. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

In an effort to make my work day a little more comfortable I decided to introduce a small all inclusive boudoir package, The Jade. This session is kind of a boudoir quickie, if you will. It’s a great way for you to get in for a quick session and then I’m not on my feet to long. It’s perfect for women who want to do their own makeup and hair styling and print their own products. It’s also great for those of you who just want a few images. I’ll be offering the Jade sessions while I’m working through this issue and healing. Then when my back is all fixed up I’ll go back to full day sessions being the norm. I am offering this package for a limited time. It’s a quick session that includes 10 digital files, as a digital download, in the session fee. You’ll get the same pre-session styling consultation and studio style guide that you would with a full day session. For outfits you’ll bring one look and use the classic sheet set. Makeup and hair styling are not available for this session. You’ll also see and order your images the same day and have the option to add products to your order from the studio al a carte menu. Take advantage of this session while you can before you know it I’ll be all better and it will be all gone.

Boudoir sessions are still available that include hair and makeup styling as well as the option to bring more outfits.  I’ll be adding an assistant to my team so you’ll have even more pampering during your full day session.  Be sure to check out the all inclusive packages or if you’d rather build your own ideal session take a look at the al a carte session pricing.

Couples Boudoir Photography RVA

As a boudoir photographer one of my favorite types of images to create is of couples. These sessions have a feel to them that is connected, intimate, and very personal.  The pretext for each session is often similar; anniversaries, birthday, engagement, building a family, but each couple that comes to me does so to celebrate their relationship, their uniquely intimate bond. I enjoy capturing that connection for them. To see two people so closely connected to one another fills me with hope. As someone who is completely in love with the idea of love, and all it’s mushiness, these sessions are just perfect for me. I get to help two lovers connect and that makes me joyful. These two came in for their session and the chemistry between them was palpable. They were incredibly fun to work with and their connection to one another fully embodies the idea behind  #couplegoals. I am grateful to have been chosen as their boudoir photographer. On a side note, I love her hair. In my opinion it takes a fierce personality chalk full of confidence to rock a bald head and she totally pulls it off.

Intimate couples portraits virginia rva

Richmond Virginia Couples Boudoir photographer


Intimate couples portraits virginia dc northern va

Intimate couples portraits virginia fredericksburg

Intimate couples portraits virginia beach




Intimate couples portraits virginia richmond

Intimate couples portraits virginia

Richmond Virginia Couples Boudoir

Richmond Virginia Couples Boudoir


Richmond Virginia Couples Boudoir

Contact me today to inquire about a couples session for you and your love. I’m happy to answer your questions.


422 Studio is located in Richmond, Virginia and offers boudoir photography, intimate portraits, sessions for women and couples throughout Virginia.

The bikini zone- Personal Post

Summer is in full swing. It’s an election year and the internet and world are busy being scary places. I needed to focus on something lighter for just a minute. I was checking out Buzzfeed, which is one of my favorite downtime sites to visit. I came across this video of  a plus size woman wearing a bikini in public for the first time. I could so intimately relate to her story.  This was also my experience a few years ago.

I was not always the size I am now. I’m currently floating somewhere around a 16. In my 20’s I hung around a size 8 and was very happy with my thick, muscular thighs, gorgeous hamstrings and nice firm butt and full perky breasts. I liked looking in the mirror and felt pretty and sexy. I excitedly had my first child at age 20 and gained over 65lbs. 3 years later the weight was off but my stomach was full of stretch marks and I was preparing to have child number 2. I stayed active throughout that pregnancy gained a scant 30lbs and dropped the weight right away. I trotted through the next few years of my life working out and looking great but still not feeling my worth.

Fast forward through one deeply depressing divorce, a cross country move and second marriage and 3rd child. This time I’m over 30, working myself into a deep a depression in an unhappy marriage that would last 10 more years. Let’s just say the weight didn’t exactly “fall off” it kinda settle in. Settled in to my hips, my stomach, my psyche. I felt the emotional and physical weight of my size. I still had a pretty face but I definitely played that down. I was “pretty for a fat girl”. I even used to say that I was happy I had big boobs because then no one would notice the train wreck happening from the boobs down. Yup, my self talk was really not positive.

Fast forward again this time to age 39. I’m fast approaching the cloak of invisibility. You know, that place in the media where women over age 40 go to act like we don’t exist so the hot 20 somethings can have the spotlight. I hated my body. I was to scared to even wear shorts and a bikini at the beach, pool or anywhere other than my back yard where NO ONE would see me was not happening. I told myself I was to fat, to pale, to riddled with stretch marks, to old, to, to, to….

Ironically I had opened my boudoir photography studio years before this time and I would talk with my clients about the importance of being confident but I myself wouldn’t, couldn’t allow myself the simple pleasure of wearing a certain article of clothing in public. How was that supposed to work?  I would tell everyone who did a session with me that the number one thing to consider when selecting your wardrobe is “do you FEEL confident in it? If yes then bring it”. Yet I was to afraid of the potential criticisms from strangers to rock a bikini at the beach. I hated looking in the mirror and seeing my awful tan lines from wearing a one piece. Still I let my negative self talk win. The tan lines exaggerated the paleness of my stomach, which I referred to as being “spring roll” pale, you know when your skin is so pale you’re practically see through.

Then one summer day, after much personal coaching, fighting with the mirror and talking to myself lovingly, as I would to one of my clients. I risked it. I decided to walk with that fear and try it anyhow. I thought what have I got to lose? I’m not at this beach to impress a single soul. I’m here to have fun in the water with my kids and to absorb some vitamin D. I was 39 years old. I had waited over 15 years to wear a bikini in public for fear that someone would shout out a “where’s the harpoon” type of comment (Yes my self esteem told me that might actually happen). Guess what. NO ONE DID. Not one soul on that beach gave one vocal shit that I was there in my mismatched bikini, pale, to old and to full of scars.

Ginger swim

First time I braved a bikini in 15 years.

I scanned the beach for kindred spirits, because that’s what us ladies do as we’ve been trained to seek permission to exist as our authentic selves. For the first time I really noticed all of the older women, the chubby women, the women with stretchmarks and surgery scars that were not hiding under towels and skirted, extra long tankinis. They were enjoying the beach how they felt comfortable doing so. I was so happy for them and for myself for finally letting go of that last fuck and enjoying the beach how I wanted to.  I realized all this time I’d been denying myself the basic comfort of wearing a bikini, a simple comfort when you think about it, all because I let my negative self talk I’d been harboring about my body win. I left fear of judgement win. I let self hatred win.

Now, well now I’m pushing 43, divorced again, no additional kids. I haven’t found a cure for stretch marks and I haven’t really lost a significant portion of weight.  I wear a bikini every time I go swimming. I own several in fact. I love them and I don’t see ever going back to a one piece unless I start swimming laps again. I don’t get super tan, nor do I advocate that, but my tan lines almost match my bra and panty lines and that feels good to me. I’m still not 100% comfortable in my own skin but I’m working on it. I don’t hate myself anymore. I’m grateful to my body for carrying me through the world. I like ice cream and pizza and I hate running, so there we are. Richmond boudoir photographer I can relate to this video so personally and I love seeing her own her bikini too. We all have fear (hell I’m actually a little afraid to publish this). We all have a soundtrack in our head telling us our worth. Ask yourself, does yours really speak the truth? Mine often does not.  It tells me I’m not worthy when my heart knows I have huge value. It tells me that I can’t, when my heart knows dam well I can and will. It tells me that I shouldn’t, when my heart tells me to follow my joy. Sometimes I sit in my fear. Sometimes it wins. Those times have become less and less frequent as I am learning to love and care for myself as I would a dear friend. When your soundtrack gets down or negative what do you do to change it up? How do you show yourself love and kindness?

I’m no Ashley Graham (hello hottie) but I am Ginger Curry-Richmond and for today, I am enough.

Swimsuit info:
Black suit on the left the top is from Blythe in Short Pump and the bottom is from Target.
Floral suit is from Torrid at Short Pump Towne Center
The orange suit is from Target

Muse Monday Expressive Portraits

I’m so very excited to be revamping my glamour portrait services to include Expressive Portraits. The portrait style I’m working on is dramatic, emotive, connected to the viewer.  This means I’ll need current work that reflects the nature of this type of portrait work. I’ll be using the images to update the “Glamour” portion of my website to reflect this new look. I’ve put together a Pinterest board to give you an idea of what I’m looking to achieve. This Monday Muse is open to a wider range of people as well since I’m doing a complete revamp on that portion of my site and I’ll need lots of images to fill it. All of the details for this Muse session can be found below. It is set up a little differently than prior Monday Muse sessions so be sure to read all of the details. Model Monday  


Who I’m looking for: This month I am looking for several adventurous women, age 18-50, who want to step outside of the selfie zone to work on a project with me to capture your true beauty. You will need to be available on a week day (no Saturdays) in July or August. These sessions will take place in my Richmond, Virginia photography studio. Makeup and hair styling is included in the session and we’ll be taking a minimalist approach to keep the focus on the emotion captured in the portrait. You will need to supply your own wardrobe, which we’ll discuss before we schedule your date. Wardrobe should take inspiration from the pin board I’ve created for this month. Again I am wanting to create expressive portraits (head shots) for my website galleries, formerly my Glamour galleries. These Muse sessions are not boudoir exclusively, though we will create boudoir images and portraits that end up expressing  your sensuality.  I need all ethnicities, ages and body types so please step out of your comfort zone with me and lets create an amazing portrait you’ll be thrilled to share. 

What’s in it for you:  These are not free sessions. They are not TF sessions for aspiring models.  I won’t edit or use any images that you don’t ordered and the minimum investment with me is $500*. I offer these Muse sessions because it’s important to me that the images on my site to be of actual clients rather than professional models. What’s in it for you is that you have the opportunity to collaborate on a unique portrait experience with Richmond’s own, award winning, boudoir photography studio, with nearly 10 years of experience working with women of all backgrounds. You get to spend the day being pampered with hair and makeup styling and having a confidence building portrait session.  We’ll create gorgeous images that you’ll proudly display and cherish for years to come. Your session fee, which is normally $350, is on the house as a thank you for being my Muse. You do pay a makeup fee of $50, however, it’s credited back to you as product credit on your order.  That $50 in credits is to use toward the purchase of your album, wall art or digital files on the day of your session. Plus you’ll be a part of helping other women feel safe knowing their portrait experience will be amazing too. Now if that’s not reason enough to do this then I’m not sure what is.

You must:

  • be willing and able to sign a full model release for these sessions. NO exceptions!
  • be 18-50 years of age
  • be available to shoot in July or August 2016
  • pay a $50 makeup fee (remember it comes back to you as product credit for use only on the day of your session)
  • be a new face to the studio so if you’ve done a session with me in the last 12 months you’re not eligible
  • be willing and able to acquire wardrobe with the look/feel of the pinboard for the month

I will be using the images you order for your album, wall art etc., in my portfolio, studio samples, website, social media and where ever else I may need them.

Here are the steps for signing up for this months Monday Muse session.

  1. Go take a look at the Pinterest board. If these ideas excite you go to step 2.
  2. Email me ginger(at) to send me 2 pictures of yourself. 1 headshot and 1 full body shot.  Send pictures with no filters or editing and with your hair down. Also tell me why you think you’d be a good fit for this months theme.
  3. When you have done step 1 and 2 I’ll send you the Monday Muse questionnaire, please fill it out ASAP openings in my muse sessions fill quickly.
  4. I will review all completed questionnaires and chose the women that I think fit the project best.  You will be notified via email if selected. I will chose my Muse clients by July 20 so you only have about 9 days. Don’t delay!
  • $500 minimum investment reflects the purchase price of my mini-book with 12 images less your $50 credit. 

422 Studio is located in Richmond Virginia and serves the DMV area and beyond. Providing boudoir and intimate portrait photography for Richmond, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, DC, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg and ladies all over the fine state of Virginia.

Richmond Boudoir Photography Studio

This Tushy Tuesday post just had to go on the blog. I love how the light in this one falls across her back and the warm black and white is such a perfect fit for these gorgeous curves.

Richmond Virginia Boudoir Photographer-3959