First off let me start by saying I hate writng about myself. I love talking, hell I'll talk your ear off but writing..ugh!! Not my favorite thing. I'm more of a list maker so here is my list of shit you might want to know about Ginger. 

I have a large family, 3 bio kids and a small army of step-kids.

I have fur babies too. 3 crazy, lazy, cats and 1 fat, old, fluffy, dog.

I am fortunate enough to have found my person, my calm in the storm, my soulmate, best friend, better half and he's a super sexy beast, I love him and was lucky enough to marry him this summer in key west.

i'm padded, snuggly, extra hours in the hour glass, plus, curvy, lucious.

i might be rocking full glam makeup on monday and yoga pants with a messy mom ponytail on tuesday. my look is "eclectic".

i drink way to much coffee and eat far to much ice cream.

i am weak for baby animals. especially sea turtles!!!

I say fuck, a lot. Like a lot!! Plan to hear it!!!

i'm most at peace in nature and can be found hiking almost every sunday. It's my version of church.

I can be frumpy or glamorous.

i am both ordinary and extrodinary.

i am simple and yet extreemly complex.

I am a woman who likes herself while simultaniously struggling to love herself.

i am a woman who loves lifting up other women.

i believe that when you grow i grow with you.  

and lastly i seriously, for real, can't wait to meet you!!!



A teeny tiny sampling of my favorite things, places and people.


Have questions? Let’s talk!

You’ve got lots of questions about what to expect from your boudoir experience and I’m happy to answer them. I want you to be fully prepared and excited for your session. Consultations help to relax your nerves and allow us to get to know each other better. We’ll look at styling options, see product samples, view the studio and talk about your vision for your session. Let’s schedule a time to chat. Give me a call at  804-833-0888.

Consultations are available in the studio or over the phone Monday-Friday 10am- 3pm.

Individual private boudoir sessions are scheduled to start at 9:30 or 10am Monday-Saturday. Friday and Saturday appointments fill up quickly so if  you’ll need one of those days you’ll want to schedule your session right away. I generally suggest scheduling at least 4 weeks out. Location shoots are available, inquire for rates.


The Deluxe Session: $375

Designed for the woman who wants the complete pampering boudoir experience. We take care of your makeup and hair styling, help you select wardrobe and get you all set for your session.
This boudoir experience includes:

  • Personalized wardrobe styling consultation in person or over the phone/Skype/Hangouts
  • Online session preparation and styling guides
  • Time for 3 outfits on multiple sets and our classic sheet set
  • Professional makeup and hair styling including false eyelash application
  • Use of the studio wardrobe
  • Expert pose coaching for all body types
  • Private in person ordering and image reveal 7-10 days after your session
  • Images are sold separately at your image reveal appointment


The Basic Session: $175

Perfect for you when you want to sneak in a quick session, are fantastic at doing your own makeup and hair, or want a natural look, and are available during the week.
This boudoir experience includes:

  • Personalized wardrobe styling consultation in person or over the phone.
  • Online session preparation and styling guides.
  • Time for 1 outfit and the classic sheet set
  • Expert pose coaching for all body types
  • Images are sold separately at your image reveal appointment the same day as your session
  • Basic sessions are available Monday-Friday


I believe it’s important to be with you when you view your images for the first time. After your session you’ll be invited back to the studio for your private, in person image reveal and ordering appointment. This is where you’ll see your gorgeous images for the first time. You’ll select your favorites and place your order at this time. Scroll down to learn more about image prices and fabulous gifts with purchase. If you’re coming in from out of town we can arrange a Skype/Google Hangout session for you to do your reveal.



There is a $500 minimum order (5 images) and you can purchase as many additional images as you like. My average client invests $1600 in her image order. Contact me for my full product guide.