By: Ginger
Date: Feb 16, 2017
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March 4th 10am at 422 Studio 2405 Westwood Ave suite 201 Henrico, VA 23230.

As a photographer who works pretty exclusively with women I hear the struggles women often have with self image. I know many of us struggle with low self esteem and we struggle to feel connected.  As a woman, I can personally relate to those struggles. Feeling tired, ugly, overworked, in a rut, feeling irrelevant, to fat, to old, to to to… Feeling overwhelmed and putting yourself as the last person in your life to get cared for will take a toll on your self image.

When I ask my clients about why they’re doing a boudoir session, initially I get responses like, “it’s a gift for…” usually their spouse or partner. When we scratch the surface down a bit I often hear women saying they don’t feel sexy, beautiful or confident and they are hoping to gain a little more of each of those feelings from doing the session.

This year I made some decisions about how I want to show up personally and how I want to help my clients. One thing I decided was that I wanted to bring a group of women into the studio to teach other women the fine art of loving one’s self. We all come from such varied backgrounds but a lack of self love or self worth is a common theme for many of us. Self love is something we can learn from and share with each other.

I’ve been in this business a long time, 10 years in fact and one thing I’ve learned is that confidence feeds feeling sexy and beautiful in a kind of circle. Sometimes getting all glammed up helps us feel beautiful, then in turn we feel sexy and then confidence comes strutting through the door. Some days the confidence comes first other days we wake up feeling sexy. They are all together one of those circle of life things. I’ve been working on improving my  personal self care this past year and I’ve seen what wonderful things it’s doing for me. I want to share that growth with you. I want you all to fall in love with you as you are right now.

I’ll be hosting a Self Love Series in the studio once per quarter throughout the year.

We’re starting the series off big with a wonderful topic (Sex aka my favorite!!) and guest speaker, Alison Barber.

Alison, owner of Taboo (Richmond’s super sexy adult retailer), sex blogger, beautiful woman and all around sexpert will be talking with us about growing comfortable in our bodies and our sexuality and how to make the most of our, personal sexual alone time. Yes guys we’re going to talk shop about achieving a better orgasm. Sex is an important part of life as a human so of course we’re going to start the series off talking about it.  She’ll also share information with us on some of her favorite toys. Come prepared with questions. We are going to have a great time and take this first step toward discovering more ways to love ourselves. Plus we’ll have donuts and coffee!

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Event info:

March 4th 10am at 422 Studio 2405 Westwood Ave suite 201 Henrico, VA 23230.

There is no fee to participate but we are asking all of you lovely ladies to RSVP and please bring a donation for Safe Harbor Shelter you can find their Goods List Here.



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