First off let me start by saying I hate writng about myself. I love talking, hell I'll talk your ear off but writing..ugh!! Not my favorite thing. I'm more of a list maker so here is my list of shit you might want to know about Ginger. 

I have a large family, 3 bio kids and a small army of step-kids.

I have fur babies too. 3 crazy, lazy, cats and 1 fat, old, fluffy, dog.

I am fortunate enough to have found my person, my calm in the storm, my soulmate, best friend, better half and he's a super sexy beast, I love him and was lucky enough to marry him this summer in key west.

i'm padded, snuggly, extra hours in the hour glass, plus, curvy, lucious.

i might be rocking full glam makeup on monday and yoga pants with a messy mom ponytail on tuesday. my look is "eclectic".

i drink way to much coffee and eat far to much ice cream.

i am weak for baby animals. especially sea turtles!!!

I say fuck, a lot. Like a lot!! Plan to hear it!!!

i'm most at peace in nature and can be found hiking almost every sunday. It's my version of church.

I can be frumpy or glamorous.

i am both ordinary and extrodinary.

i am simple and yet extreemly complex.

I am a woman who likes herself while simultaniously struggling to love herself.

i am a woman who loves lifting up other women.

i believe that when you grow i grow with you.  

and lastly i seriously, for real, can't wait to meet you!!!



A teeny tiny sampling of my favorite things, places and people.


My studio is located at 2405 Westwood Ave in Richmond’s near West End. I’m near Broad and Westwood/Malvern next door to Tinker and Co. Feel free to contact me to set up a consultation to get more information.