Boudoir Body Challenge

Boudoir Body Challenge by On-Point Nutrition and 422 Studio.
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Your On-Point Nutrition 8-Week Package includes:


Your On-Point Nutrition 8-Week Package includes:

* Initial consultation:

* Discuss dieting background, food interests, activity, lifestyle, medical and dietary history, specific concerns

* Establish goals (long term and short term)

* Establish baseline (current status with nutrition and exercise habits/bodyweight/images/measurements)

* Detailed nutrition plan based on your goals, dietary background, lifestyles, and needs

* Activity and exercise suggestions to enhance your body composition

* Group support and accountability through exclusive Facebook group page

* Follow-up coaching via phone or Skype at weeks 2 and 4 to discuss progress and any necessary revisions to your unique plan

* Six-week face-to-face progress analysis

* Unlimited e-mail support

* A variety of resources, including but not limited to healthy-habit guidelines, recipes, and meal planner and organizer

* 20% off coupon to The Vitamin Shoppe


Your 422 Studio Photography Session includes:

* Before and After photo so you can visually track your progress

* Style Consultation to help you select wardrobe that is perfect for your boudoir or glamour session

* 45 Minute Boudoir or Glamour photography session

* ~A complete makeup makeover (hair styling can be added to your session for an additional fee)

* ~ Wear up to 2 of your favorite outfits

* ~ Professional Pose Coaching

* ~ The comfort of an all female studio

* ~ In-Person Purchasing Session where you’ll have the opportunity to purchase products from your photo session.


I personally started working with On-Point Nutrition recently to help me get back to a place of healthy eating and I’m really enjoying the support I’m getting on this journey. Hope you’re able to join us.

Want to see what a photo session with 422 Studio is like? View our video on Youtube here: