Boudoir Party Richmond, VA

So here’s a scenario for you to imagine. It’s your 40th birthday. You’ve had every imaginable type of party. You want to do something completely unforgettable because, after all, you only turn 40 once.  But what is there to do that you haven’t done 39 times already? 
Host a boudoir party! 
Yes you can do it! 
Yes you have friends and coworkers that want to do it. 
It’s easy and fun and it’s a great way to proclaim to the world 
“It’s my birthday and by god this girl can still rock it!” 
In working with my clients I hear these statements all the time:
I’m getting older and I just don’t feel sexy anymore. 
I USED to be pretty.
I USED to be stylish.
I USED to feel sexy.
Well guess what! You still are, you still can and I am here to help you remember how.
Odds are if you are feeling this way you have a few friends who are too. Lets get together and my team will show you ladies just how amazing you still are. 
These shots are from a recent boudoir party right here in Richmond, VA.
Our lovely hostess before and after shots
One of our beautiful guests before and after.

 I wish I had remembered to do all of their B/A but we were having so much fun I didn’t get all of them.

 Want to host your own boudoir or pin up party? 
contact me at or by calling 804-833-0888.
I shoot only a few parties each year so contact me today to set your date.
Boudoir parties are an excellent way to celebrate your milestone birthdays, bachelorette parties, girls night outs or just because you all want to create sexy pictures.
For this session makeup and hair were done by the always amazing Jennifer Mantura.