Fab Friday Fashion

Summer is a tricky time for me to blog. I’ve got family and friends coming and going and I’m squeezing in a bit of travel here and there myself so the blogs will be less frequent.

This week I’m going to focus on outfits that would be perfect for our new permanent set. What’s a permanent set you ask? It’s one of the fantastic beauty sets that 422 Studio offers year round. As of right now we have 2, the Modern Boudoir set and the Domestic Diva set. Each set has it’s own unique features and styling. I am launching the new set next week.

The Modern Boudoir set is a set designed to look like a bedroom. It’s for my clients who would like to have classy, sexy pictures made with a more modern feel to them. The end result is similar to these.

Modern Boudoir is a fabulous way to give your special someone a completely unforgettable gift. The clothing selections are easy to find and you probably already own something that would be ideal.

The other permanent set that I currently offer is the Domestic Diva set. This is the retro styled kitchen. Previously it looked like this.

And after it’s recent facelift it looks like this:

The Domestic Diva set is the perfect set for a bridal pinup session, grooms gift, anniversary gift, birthday present or just because you want to show off how hot your domestic goddess skills are. This set is flexible enough for a multitude of retro style dresses and even lingerie. It’s as sweet or as hot as you want to make it.

Now lets get down to the new set. First off I am so excited about this set. It is the biggest of the permanent sets. I’m not going to tell you what it is today (that’s Monday so come back!). I am going to get you guessing by leaving you with the fashion finds that I think would bring all the boys to the yard . These sexy little costumes are sure to make you all scream. Pair one of these with bobby socks and high heeled Mary Janes and you’ve got a sweet treat for the new set.

Can you guess what the new set is? Pictures coming to the blog on Monday so be sure to check back to see the new set.