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Preparing Your Boudoir Body

By Tracey Carlton, fitness nutrition specialist and certified personal trainer with On-Point Nutrition

So, you’ve set the date for your boudoir session, and you have in mind what you want to wear, or not wear!

But have you thought about how you will prepare your body and mind?

Let me pause for a minute to introduce myself. I am a fitness nutrition specialist, a certified personal trainer, and the owner of On-Point Nutrition. In a nutshell, I offer both face-to-face and online coaching to help people become fit and healthy, and to me, that means both in the body and in the mind – because when you feel good about your physical health, you feel good mentally as well.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard my clients express how confident they feel just a few weeks into making healthy choices in their nutrition and physical activity just because they FEEL better. They feel better throughout the day with more energy; they feel better with clear, brighter complexion; they feel better in their clothes; they feel better knowing they are doing something good for themselves; they feel better in their own skin. And let’s face it, when it comes to a boudoir session, you MUST feel good in your own skin — get what I’m saying?

Maybe you have been trying your hardest to eat healthful foods or to exercise. Maybe you do well for a while; then a slip here or there from your plan takes you completely off course. Or maybe you have been repeating to yourself that you need to start eating better or becoming more physically active, but you just do not know where to start. Well, first you start with a goal, and since you are reading this, your goal just might be a sexy boudoir session. What an awesome goal and source of motivation!

In making physical, and subsequent, mental changes, you have to decide to change your eating and exercise habits, PERIOD! You cannot eat the same way or maintain your current level or type of activity and expect your body to change, because quite frankly, what you may have been doing may not be working for you. Oh, and let me address one thing: Do not buy into special weight loss pills, creams, wraps or whatever gimmick is out there that promises a solution to your weight-loss woes. There are actually lawsuits by the federal government against such extreme claims. You have what it takes to prepare your body for your boudoir session, you just have to plan and find support.

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Start with your nutrition, as it is up to 85 percent of what your body actually looks like. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Why would you want to waste your time away from your life responsibilities and loved ones exercising only to cancel out that hard work with bad food choices? Cut out added sugar and simple carbohydrates and replace them with healthy complex carbohydrates. Increase your water intake. Skip the processed foods for whole foods. Read labels. Know what you are eating. Allow your skin to clear and glow, your hair to shine, your energy levels to rise, your body to change, your confidence to soar.

Now, don’t underestimate the importance of regular exercise. Don’t be afraid of resistance training. You’re not going to get bulky and resemble a man. You’ll actually tighten and create curves that you want to showcase in your boudoir photos. Use cardio — like running, walking, cycling, dance, and hiking to name a few – but don’t rely on it as your sole means of exercise. You’ll just lose weight and become a smaller version of yourself. You WANT to protect and build your feminine curves.

Start NOW! Don’t waste a minute. Don’t procrastinate and push off your “start” date for preparing your boudoir body until the next Monday or tomorrow. “No excuses” should be your new motto. If you cannot resist certain foods that do not complement your goals, then throw them out, NOW! Write down healthy, whole foods you need to go buy, and GO! Write down an exercise schedule and routine, and DO IT! Buy your lingerie, take a picture of yourself in it NOW, then take a picture of yourself in it every week. Compare and celebrate your changes.

If you feel like you’ve tried all this before and it didn’t work, more than likely you forgot an important element – support. Making a change, especially when it comes to our nutrition and physical activity, is never easy. Nutritional change, specifically, is a 24-hour challenge. It’s easier to devote an hour to physical activity, because once the workout is over, you’re done; however, nutrition and temptation stick with you all day. If you do not have a source of support for motivation during the difficult times, you set yourself up for failure. Motivate yourself. Take a picture of your lingerie and carry it with you on your phone. Look at it when you are about to make a not-so-healthy decision. Tell others, because when other people know what you are trying to do, it forms a sense of accountability.

To really get yourself rockin’ on your boudoir body preparation, invest in professional support and motivation. Yep, that’s me. Fortunately and unfortunately, there is a vast array of informational sources to enhance your knowledge on nutrition and exercise; however, keep in mind that not all of those sources are credible or are concerned with your best interest. Let someone like me take the guesswork out of your nutrition and exercise plan. Then, all you have to do is execute it. Plus, if you need someone to call and vent your stressful times to rather than picking up that huge bar of chocolate, I’m your girl!

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Now, I’m not assuming that you dislike your body now. I hope you love your body because you should. Even if you already exude your inner goddess, that doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments in your nutrition and exercise leading up to your photo shoot in order to be even more boudoir confident. Even what you eat and how you exercise in the last days and hours and minutes leading up to your boudoir session can make a difference in how you look and feel. Now, go get that lingerie!

Tracey Carlton is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist certified through the International Sports Sciences Association, an AFI certified personal trainer, and is the owner of On-Point Nutrition, which offers both online and face-to-face nutrition coaching to meet your individual weight, performance, and health goals. Feel free to e-mail your questions or nutrition topics of interest to You can find On-Point Nutrition on Facebook or at