If you love lipstick

and let’s be honest who doesn’t, then you’ll really want to read this post. A while back I went to get my hair cut by the fabulous Jennifer Mantura. She has been cutting my lovely locks for the better part of 2 years now (perhaps longer my memory is not so good) anyhoo she had just gotten samples of some incredibly color rich lip sticks from Cosmetic Psychiatry. After she finished my new hairdo she popped one on my lips and wowed me with the formula. Right then I knew I wanted to help the creator of this fantastic lipstick in the best way I knew how. I’d use my big chatty mouth to talk it up and I’d showcase the lip colors in a photo session so you all could see it too. Jennifer and I teamed up and this is the result. Beautiful ladies in these fantastic colors. But there’s more! I’m also going to tell you how you can help Robert, the creator of Cosmetic Psychiatry, make his dream a reality. See he has this Kickstarter account set up to raise money to cover the start up costs. What is Kickstarter? It’s this amazing place where artists and creative minds can set up accounts to gather the funds and donations to make their dreams a reality.Here are just a few samples of Roberts amazing lip colors.

 From Robert’s Kickstarter page:
“Cosmetic Psychiatry is a line of artisanal lipsticks celebrating creative self-expression and the power of color to affect the way we feel. It’s mission is to fill the color gaps in  the lipstick market, produce pigment-rich formulas with great wearability and provide superior personal service, all at a reasonable price. My aim is to not only push the boundaries of the color palette currently available in lipstick, but the boundaries of personal expression and fashion as it applies to lip color.”