In Her Words, Richmond Boudoir Photography Experience

I so love it when my clients allow me to share even a few anonymous shots from their sessions that I decided to start asking them a few questions about their experience.  My hope is that other women, looking to step out of their comfort zone and have a boudoir session done, could hear what they have to say. Today’s post is what Mrs Z had to say.



Tell us a little bit about what motivated you to do your boudoir photography session?I couldn’t think of a more unique and personal gift to celebrate a very special milestone birthday than a boudoir session. I contemplated doing one for many years and finally decided that a new decade of my life was the perfect time.

I did many many hours of research and interviewed potential photographers. 422 Studio is not in my immediate area, but after seeing Ginger’s work and speaking with her about the process, I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I’d be happy to make the drive for incredible photos. Her beautiful dedicated studio space, amazing expertise and personable nature all worked together beautifully to make it a fun and memorable experience.

My husband took a minute to digest the pricing investment, but happily gifted this experience to me and gifted an upgraded album to himself after seeing the photos. 😉

What were some of your concerns with being in front of the camera?I am a mom of two and obviously I’m no size two. My concerns didn’t revolve around being uncomfortable in front of a stranger–I’ve given birth and modesty is kind of out the window after that. My concerns really revolved around disappointment in myself. Would I be happy with the way I saw myself? Would I see every lump and bump and be overly critical of myself when it came time to select the photos? These were all things that I just had to take a deep breath and get over. Ginger was sensitive to my “problem areas” and worked to highlight my favorite features. In the end, I realized I have many more favorite features that I originally thought.


What did you bring to your session that made you feel your sexiest?Confidence! Seriously, it shows when you wear it.

I booked my session five months in advance and gave myself plenty of time to plan my lingerie pieces. The hardest part after finally biting the bullet and booking my session was selecting the perfect wardrobe to wear. Being a curvy girl, you don’t simply stop in and pick up something off the rack at Victoria’s Secret and expect it to fit properly. Ginger was super helpful in recommending style options and websites. Part of this process was discovering what looks best on me and after much trying on, I discovered that confidence was really the best thing I could bring to my session. With that said, every girl deserves sexy underthings…they help bring out confidence that she didn’t know she had.

How did you feel right after your session?The most beautiful I have ever felt. I thought I felt pretty on my wedding day, but Ginger did an amazing job with my hair and make-up and I felt like a super model.

Since this was a celebratory occasion and I didn’t want to let a fabulous makeover go to waste, I slipped on a LBD after my session and my wonderful husband picked me up and had an entire evening on the town planned for us. Happy Birthday to me!

What is the single most important thing you do to take care of yourself?As a mom it is so hard, but I always try to put my oxygen mask on first. I can’t take care of my family unless I take care of myself first. I try to do this daily. Some days that means treating myself to a pedicure, other days it means a hot bath, date night, good workout, early bedtime for myself or simply enjoying a hot cup of coffee with no interruptions.

A balanced lifestyle that includes healthy eating, working out and an ample dose of “me time” is when I feel my best.

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How did you feel when you first saw your pictures?My husband attended my session reveal with me and I was blown away with how amazing the photos turned out. It was fun to see his reaction to the photos and after 10 years together, I finally see myself the way he sees me. Priceless.

Because I was an out of town client, Ginger did my reveal right after my session. My husband said “You have to feel pretty great about yourself that those photos looked THAT good and they weren’t even edited.”

He was SO right! Ginger knows posing, lighting and camera angles and she uses them to make you look your very best! She gets it right in camera and there isn’t a need for very much editing work.

If your friend was curious about doing a session what would you tell her?Do it. Don’t think twice, just do it. It is an overall experience that you won’t forget.


 422 Studio is located in Richmond, Virginia and offers boudoir photography services for women and couples.