What's a model for a day session?

These sessions all started with me wanting to be sure I had a wide variety of women represented in my work. I wanted to use everyday women as my "models" rather than using professional models. In my mind it is much easier to imagine myself being photographed by someone if I see women who are similar to me in that artists portfolio. I came to the conclusion that this probably applied to my clients as well. If you can't see yourself in my work, then you may think it's not "for you". It is TOTALLY FOR YOU and I want every woman to see herself somewhere in my portfolio. Hence the birth of the model for a day sessions. They've had many names over the years, Muse sessions, Ambassador sessions, I find model for a day to be the most straight forward.

What I'm looking for:

I am looking for every day women to model for me. I am wanting to expand and update my portfolio, try out new makeup looks, photograph new studio sets and try new poses, concepts and genres. I prefer to work with real clients rather than professional models so I am reaching out to you all in hopes that you'll be as excited to share my vision and ideas with other women as I am. I need women who are interested in doing boudoir sessions as well as maternity, fitness, couples boudoir and glamour portraits. We'll be making videos during some sessions in addition to still photography. I have so many exciting new projects in my mind and I want to photograph them all.

What's in it for you?

If you are selected, we will collaborate on creating a dream session for you. Whether it's a glamorous portrait session, a fine art maternity session, steamy couples boudoir or featuring you in your very own sensual boudoir session. You'll be treated to hair and makeup styling, pre-session planning, wardrobe styling assistance, pose coaching, expression coaching and all of the attention to detail that every one of my private clients receive. In addition to your full session (which is normally $375) your $99 reservation fee will be credited back to you PLUS an additional $101 for a total of $200 as a product credit which you will be able to apply to your image order. 

On top of that/ As a bonus, 2 lucky women will win a $500 studio product credit as part of the Model for a Day sessions.

Product credits can not be redeemed for cash.

I am so very excited to get started with these sessions. I have got so many new ideas that I can not wait to get working on.

Submit your application today! Then be sure to join my VIP group on Facebook. That's where I will announce the winners of the studio credit.

There are 2 simple steps in order to apply. 

Step 1

Review the studio product guide to see just what gorgeous products you'll want to put your super sexy images in. Remember, you will have a $200 credit toward the purchase of images and products. Click the product guide button below. 


Fill in the following application to be considered. This model call is open for a limited time. Once all the spaces are filled it will be closed. Be sure to keep an eye on your email to find out if you've been selected and to schedule your phone consultation.

Once you have completed your application and clicked SUBMIT, be sure to join my Facebook VIP group. That's where I'll annouce the winners of the studio credit.