Richmond Boudoir Photographer

To say this hot mom works hard to maintain her figure is a complete understatement. She has seriously amazing abs and all of her hard work truly does show. Makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I had even a fraction of her motivation. I’m happy she came in for a session with me and that I get to share some shots from her set. This was a fun (albeit hot) day. 
We started off with a little glam and moved into her boudoir set. I love when a client brings in great wardrobe too. She paid a visit to the wonderful ladies at Fiamour in Carytown before her session. In case you aren’t familiar with them they are a luxury lingerie boutique in the heart of Richmond’s Carytown shopping area. Be sure to stop in and check out their selection of fine lingerie. They have some very beautiful pieces and a wonderful range of sizes. Tell them your shopping for your boudoir session with me and they will help you with wardrobe that is elegant and sexy.

Serious ab envy!

Black lace slip from Fiamour in Carytown RVA.

Always fun to work in a good pair of Christian Louboutin’s.

This beautiful polka dot silk and lace bodysuit from Fiamour in Carytown RVA.

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