Richmond Boudoir Photography skin prep

It’s officially winter, for the moment anyhow it is Richmond after all.  My skin normally feels so dry this time of year. It’s like no matter what lotion I use it’s just not enough. Last year I started using a sugar scrub and my skin loves me for it. As luck, and my disorderly shopping plan would have it,  I ran out of it one day as I was about to shower. I hopped on Pinterest thinking I was bound to find something there that used sugar and some oil that hopefully I’d have in my pantry. I found so many great scrubs that I set out to try a bunch and hopefully find a favorite. One that I just love uses coconut oil and good ole fashion table sugar. I’m getting ready to try one that is coffee, coconut oil and sugar recipe that claims to minimize cellulite, I’ll report back on that one. Many of the recipes I’ve found on there are things I have on hand pretty much all the time.


As a boudoir photographer I see a lot of skin. I can tell you first hand that consistent skin care shows and helps your skin look it’s absolute best. One of the best things you can do for the texture of your skin is to exfoliate regularly and keep it moisturized. I’m 42 and if I say so myself I have pretty fabulous skin. I attribute it to good genes, thanks mom, and good skin care. Since I was 23 I have used a skin care plan that includes regular exfoliating of my face. I didn’t think to try it on the rest of my body with any real consistency until much more recently.  I’m very happy with the improvements I’m seeing in my skin since I started using scrubs though, so much so that I’m adding using one to the studio boudoir session preparation guide.

I’ve added several scrubs to my Pinterest page on the Love The Skin You’re In board. If you have a favorite scrub let me know. I love trying new bath and body care products.