Richmond Boudoir Studio Anniversary

I can hardly believe it’s already been a year since I got the keys to my new studio. Wow! Time flies huh.
Man it was a lot of work getting this place ship shape and ready for me to work out of but we did it in, what now feels like, record time. Here is the original before and after post: Studio Before/After

I still get excited every time I walk in here and see all of this beautiful natural light. After 5 years of working in near cave like light I am so thankful to have this light drenched space. 
Little things too like being able to put up a door sign and display my work on the walls. Who would have thought that all of those little things would ever feel so big. 
Today I am beyond grateful to all of the wonderful women who I have been fortunate to work with. You guys are really why I am able to have a space to work from that brings me such joy. You guys and an amazingly supportive family! Here is to many more years of being able to provide you with an unforgettable self esteem boosting experience.
Thank you all!
422 Studio is a women centered, beauty photography studio offering boudoir and glamour photography to the fine ladies of greater Richmond and beyond. 
Serving the greater Richmond metro, DC, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Williamgsburg and more. Making Virginia beautiful one session at a time.

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