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I know I’ve said it about a million times but I LOVE MY JOB. I get to meet interesting, beautiful people who have amazing stories to share AND then play dress up with them and take pictures. I met today’s beautiful boudoir client at the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation, Night of Honky Tonk Angels, fundraiser last year. I knew right away that I wanted to work with her. She had the most amazing smile and the happiest eyes. Who wouldn’t want to be the photographer to work with that combo? Well, it took a while to get her in to the studio to see me. She was honestly one of my more nervous clients and at one point I thought she would back out of doing her photo session all together. Seems crazy to think of her being nervous when you look at her pictures. She didn’t back out and I am so thankful for that. She was a blast to work with and it was fun to watch all of those nerves melt away during her session and see her really embrace the day. I love doing boudoir and glamour photo sessions but when you get to connect with a client after wanting to work with them for so long it really makes for a great day. I say to every woman that you deserve a day of pampering and she really truly did. I’ll shut my yappin and get to showing off her pictures.

To the lovely Miss W you are beautiful. Thank  you for spending a day playing dress up with me. 
Ginger is the owner of 422 Studio, the photography studio in the Richmond, VA area for all of your beauty photography needs, offering  Boudoir, Glamour and Pin-up photography services. 
Hair and makeup by the always fabulous Jennifro

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