Hi I’m Ginger, the owner and photographer here at 422 Studio.

Ginger Curry-Richmond Richmond boudoir photographer

Ginger owner/photographer 422 Studio

I’m supposed to take a minute and introduce myself here. For what ever reason I was not gifted with a love of writing, but I can talk your ear off, so here goes.

I am one of those total saps that believes in love, all of the love. Not only the kind that makes you cry at chic flicks, weddings, and commercials featuring adorable fat baby animals. The kind of love that makes you look into the eyes of your children and wonder how you ever knew love before them. The big kind that makes you long for your partner so deeply that you feel your heart ache when they leave for the week or even for the afternoon. I believe in the kind of love that roots us strongly to our tribe of people, forever connecting us to them no matter how near or far we are from them. I am: A watcher of sunsets. An adoring mother. A 20 second hugger. A hand holder. A moment stealer. A goof. An over feeler. A klutz. An eye gazer.  A daydreamer. An enthusiastic lover. I am a hopeless romantic.

I came to photography in high school because I thought it was cool. I liked the smell of darkroom chemicals and I really wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Since I couldn’t draw or paint worth a dam photography became my preferred artistic method. It wasn’t until many, many years later that I found my true passion for photography, in boudoir work. I had shot other genre’s but this, this was what lit a fire in me. I was hooked after the first session I shot and now I can’t see a scenario in my work life where I’m not doing this. It is the most fulfilling type of work I have ever done. I absolutely love working with women, and now couples, to bring out a connection to their own beauty and sexuality that many of my clients have never felt connected to.

It’s my mission to help women and couples find confidence in their sexuality and comfort in their sensual self. I want to give you the unique opportunity to connect with your sexual, sensual, self in a safe, intimate environment free from judgment and negativity all while creating beautiful, artistic images at the same time.

I opened my studio in Richmond, Virginia in 2007 and haven’t looked back. I photograph boudoir exclusively and am the only studio in the area that does so. I hope to be blessed with many more years in this industry doing something that I love. Thanks! Ginger