Studio Before and After

And just like that we are in the new studio space.

I am so proud to announce the new space but first I need to put out a huge thank you to my family for all of their support and hard work getting me in to this space. I would not have been able to do this without them, especially not without my husband. I love you all. You are completely amazing. Brad thank you for helping out so much and for putting up with me being stressed to the max over the last few weeks. Love you babe.

When we found the studio space it was really, really rough but one look at the huge bay of windows along the front and I was sold. I knew we could make this space something amazing that I could be proud to work in. It had truly terrible, old, office space carpeting. A wall needed to be removed. The walls needed to be painted (and the dart board ring patched). I can not believe how fast we got everything done. The wall came down and it was full speed ahead from there. I pulled that lovely carpet out myself. My beautiful daughter helped me paint the entire place and then the boys came in and knocked out the floor installation. We got the floor in the boudoir room and the makeup room done and moved on in. All in under 10 days. Seems like it’s been much longer than that but here we are and I am so happy with the end result.

Without further adieu the BEFORE:

See that lovely wall blocking all of that inviting window light. Yeah that had to go. So did that carpet! 


My handsome go to guy and my lovely assistants. 

 Getting the work done was messy business but we had plenty of coffee and coke zero to see us through.

My handsome go to guy rocked out the main room floor, like a boss. I love this room! Well now that it’s clean and finished I do! 
The boudoir floor was another huge task but I think it paid off. 

Here is the main shooting space all cleaned up and beautiful. 
And last but certainly not least some pictures of my lovely assistant showing off the amazingly inviting light in the new space. It is so soft and just wraps around you like a big warm hug. I love it in there. 

Again thank you to my family and all of my friends who helped out (Shannon and the boys big thanks for helping with the move).

I am so very excited to have this space. Can’t wait to photograph you in it.