Who is Ginger anyhow?

Hello gorgeous! I’m Ginger!! The woman behind the camera here at Richmond Boudoir. I suck at talking about myself. I’d rather show you and maybe make a list lol.

My priorities in life looks something like:





Yes I put myself at the top of my list. I am no good to anyone if I am not good to myself first. I love anything that gets me to the ocean or the mountains. I love both and am comfortable in either setting. I love hiking, swimming, snorkeling, hunting mushrooms I’ll never eat, campfire coffee, any coffee actually. Sunshine and fresh air are direct lines to my happiness. Believe it or not I’m an introvert. I recharge my batteries being in nature. I’m kinda crunchy and woo but I also say fuck a lot. All about that balance I guess.

I am one of those fortunate souls who get to say that they are married to their best friend. I love this man more than I ever imagined possible. It took me a few tries to find my human but third time is truly a charm. Everything I do in life is better with him in it. I’ll shut up with the mushy shit now.

My family is what makes me want to be a better human. I have amazing children both biological and step. I have 3 bio kids and a small army of step kids between my second and third marriages. They have each brought unique lessons to my life and I wouldn’t trade them for all the coffee in the world.

I have been so fortunate to have a career that I LOVE! And to have been at it for so long, since 2007 in fact. My clients bring me joy and inspiration and they are all a gift to me. I can’t imagine doing anything else and having it be quite so fulfilling. You can poke around anywhere on this site and see why I love what I do for my 9-5.

I hope to meet you soon and get to know you better.