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Richmond Boudoir Photography is the sexy side of 422 Studio.

Why chose me for your boudoir photo session? 

Here is what my amazing clients are saying. 

"DO IT! You are worth it and you deserve it. Ginger was amazing to work with. I never felt judged, ashamed, or embarrassed at all during my session. It was so empowering knowing I was able to get over the voices in my head, that at times try to bring me down. To see the final product and the beauty Ginger was able to capture is the best feeling ever! It's addicting too, You'll be planning your next session before you leave."

- Andrea from Richmond, VA

"I have been putting this off for years and finally bit the bullet and allowed Ginger to capture the rawness of being a mom of 3 and still loving my body! She was absolutely amazing to work with, making me feel comfortable! And the outcome of it all, gah!!! Truly looked and felt like a goddess for a day! If you have been putting a Boudoir session off I highly recommend one and would not go anywhere else other than Richmond boudoir with Ginger!!

-AnnMarie from Powhatan Virginia

"This experience was everything I had hoped for and more. Ginger knows just how to make you feel at home but SEXY! Her settings are elegant and glamorous and her eye is impeccable. She does lovely hair and makeup and every minute of my session I felt beautiful and special. I’m so glad I picked Ginger for this “bucket list experience. It will be a day I will remember forever and the photos will always remind me of how beautiful I truly am."

- Ashley from New Kent Virginia


Why do a boudoir session?

To spend the day showing you what a kick ass, beautiful, sensual, afreakingmazin, woman you are. My studio is a judgement free zone where we will spend the day helping you to reconnect with your sensual self. 

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