Boudoir photography helps me lift women up.


For over a decade, I’ve been realizing my dream of empowering women of every age, shape, and size to feel fucking amazing and view themselves in a new light by creating bad ass boudoir portraits that showcase their unique beauty. I’m passionate about my clients seeing themselves as they really are: brilliant, strong, sexy, and resilient.


Come connect with your sensual side in the safe, intimate environment I’ve created for women just like you in my 1000 square foot, private boudoir photo studio in Richmond VA.


Get to know GINGER

Why boudoir photography?


The first time I had my own boudoir experience I was 26, going through my first divorce and had incredibly poor self image. That session was a catalyst for me to start viewing myself as ME again. Before I was a mom or a wife I was a woman and I needed to learn to love and care for her above all else.

Now I get on the other side of the camera as often as possible because I know that boudoir sessions help remind me that I am brave, strong, beautiful, worthy of love and yes, sexy.

It's my mission as a photographer to help the women I work with to see themselves as worthy too. See yourself as the amazing woman I already know you are. I want to get you on a direct route to loving yourself more fully, and to help you embrace all the beauty there is in being a woman just as you are today.

My dream super power:
Mind reading
My Favorite animal is a:

ⓐ Zebra

ⓑ Owl

◉ Sea Turtle

Before I die I want to:

ⓐ Skydive

◉ Swim with turtles

ⓒ climb Mt Everest

My favorite DRINK:
Coffee (all day every day)
My dream vacation:

◉ Somewhere tropical

ⓑ Cityscape & skylines

ⓒ Alaskan Wilderness

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