Richmond Boudoir Studio Sets

I know it’s been a minute since I checked in to show off the Richmond Boudoir studio sets. Let’s dive in and show you all of the sets that are currently in the studio. I’ve added several gorgeous new sets and rearranged a few of the classics too. As hard as it may be to pick be sure to drop a comment and let me know which ones are your personal favorites.

Building sets for you beauties to use is one of the most fun aspects of my job. I try to keep in mind what is going to help you feel connected to yourself, pampered, beautiful and excited. These sets are certainly designed with you in mind. Obviously I want you to see a set that speaks to you and gets you super pumped up for your boudoir photo session experience. Furthermore I want to create a safe, judgement free, environment for you to reconnect with your sensual self in.

Is there a set, or perhaps a limited edition theme, you’d like to see me create? Let me know in the comments or in my Facebook VIP group.

Here are a few examples of images from each set.

The Richmond Boudoir Studio Sets:

Bedroom: The best way to describe the bedroom set is hippy chic. The images we get in here are an assortment of playful flirtation and outright joy, sprinkled with a healthy heaping of sexy.

Green Room: Classic, vintage, glamour is what this room is all about. Rich pops of color and texture set the stage for your sensual expression in this dreamy space.

Burlesque Set: Want to explore your inner performer? Then be sure to choose this set for your boudoir session. Captivate your audience and feel front and center for sure.

Shower Set: A fan favorite! The shower set is a great scene to get wet and wild (corny I know) and create super steamy images.

Blue Sofa Set: Always a classic. Blue velvet is a pleaser every time. There is something about velvet that feels sexy and mysterious.

Bubble Bath Set: A relatively new addition to the mix the bubble bath set is a playful, sexy celebration of self. Bring some bubbly and your birthday suit for a fun take on bubbles.

Current Limited Edition Set: It’s Halloween time and we’ve got a set that speaks to your inner goth, witchy vibe. Candles and skulls and smoke oh my.

Of course we can customize a set just for you. Ask me about it when you reach out.

Are you ready to come in and see all of the Richmond Boudoir Studio sets for yourself? I’m ready when you are! Email me today and let’s start talking about how a boudoir photography session can be a big part of your self love journey. Contact me here!!