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Embrace Your Beauty

Seriously Miss S is spot on! ” Throw the doubt out the window and give yourself a chance to embrace your beauty. ” That’s right! I would encourage all of you to follow her lead and just do it. Book the session. You may never have all the stars align just how you think they...

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    Classic Pinup Session

    Ladies I know you’ve been waiting a long time for this. The last time we did our annual Classic Pinup Session it was January of 2020. Right before the pandemic. The last time we opened this up it sold out in 24 hours so be ready! The date is January 14th. This is the ONLY...

    To tan or not to tan

    This prep question gets asked frequently. This is why to tan or not to tan is part of your pre-session prep guide. We all want to look our best for our boudoir photo session. For some folks that includes having a golden glow on their skin. Especially in the winter months! We’ve been hiding from...

    Boudoir sessions can be addictive

    You’ve been warned! Boudoir sessions can become addictive. I have several clients who’ve come back this year for their 3rd and 4th sessions. They feel good and they are such a great way to celebrate yourself at various points in your life. Taking time out for yourself, being pampered and focused on, walking away with...

    My 3 Favorite Boudoir Poses

    First off narrowing down to just my 3 favorite boudoir poses is way to hard! It’s a tall order because I have so many that I simply love to shoot with each client. And thankfully when you do your session with Richmond Boudoir we are going to do way more than just 3. BUT I...

    Boudoir Photography Studio RVA

    I love getting to share boudoir sessions. It’s one of the reasons I keep the Model For A Day sessions going throughout the year. Getting to meet amazing women, create art together and then share the experience with you is a win win! Having a Boudoir Photography Studio RVA for over a decade I’ve met...

    Boudoir Richmond What to Wear

    In this Boudoir Richmond edition of What to Wear let’s talk Bodysuits!!! I love a good bodysuit. This look has so many styling options. Really there is a body suit for every body. Bodysuits can be found easily online and around town too. They are flattering to so many body types and come in such...

    Ginger Jones Boudoir Photographer

    When you are a photographer you are almost never on the other side of the camera. I realized back in July (yes I know I’m just now officially sharing them lol) that my headshots were old. In fact they were at least 3 years old. Yikes! SOOO I headed to the studio. Had the lovely...

    Halloween Boudoir Session

    What do you do when you love Halloween and you want to get out of your comfort zone? Well a Halloween boudoir session is perfect for you! What prompted you to do a boudoir session?~It was something to get me out of my comfort zone since I’m a relatively modest person. I’m a jeans and...

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