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Feel confident and empowered now!

A photo session with Ginger at Richmond Boudoir can help you to feel confident and empowered now! Without changing a single thing about your wonderful self. You don’t have to lose 15 pounds or any of that stuff. Come as you are and let us show you how amazing you are JUST as YOU ARE!...

Richmond Boudoir Photo Shoot.

I wanted to do something positive for myself. If I’m being honest I’ve been super slack in my blogging. Miss K came in for her Richmond boudoir photo shoot back in November and I’m just getting around to blogging her gorgeousness. So I won’t clutter up this post with a bunch of me talking when...

Who is Ginger anyhow?

Hello gorgeous! I’m Ginger!! The woman behind the camera here at Richmond Boudoir. I suck at talking about myself. I’d rather show you and maybe make a list lol. My priorities in life looks something like: Self Family Career Community Yes I put myself at the top of my list. I am no good to...

Embrace your feminine energy

Sometimes a client shares their experience in working with me and I am reminded that I am doing the work my heart and soul are called to do. Helping you to embrace your feminine energy is a great way to sum up what we do during your photo session. Thank you Miss J for being...

Richmond Boudoir

Life has been busy over here at Richmond Boudoir. 2020 has been a whirlwind and I bet you all already know this. Since we’ve been back open it’s been non-stop go, that’s awesome and I’m NOT complaining. BUT the blog has been sufferings some serious neglect. I decided it’s time to get back in the...

Find your confidence with Richmond Boudoir

A boudoir photography experience is unique in the world of confidence building experiences, because it requires that you alter absolutely nothing. You show up as you are today, without changing a thing, and start a journey toward accepting and loving yourself as you are. This has been my personal experience when having done my own...

Reclaim your sexy with Richmond Boudoir

How do we get back to viewing ourselves as sexy, sensual, desirable? The struggle is very real and you are absolutely not alone. Obviously I believe you can reclaim your sexy with Richmond Boudoir. However, don’t just take my word for it. How many of us can relate to this? We’re all to happy to...

RVA beauty photography experience

“a way for me to learn to love myself” This RVA beauty photography experience was years in the making. Miss T and I have known each other casually for dam near a decade. Sometimes it takes time to come around and be ready. After we expanded the studio this year to include a new portrait...

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