Richmond Mom Prom

Richmond Mom Prom 2019

The Richmond Mom Prom, in it’s 9th year now, is always such a blast. I have had the pleasure of being at this event for 7 of it’s 9 years.  As a result I’ve watched this event grow from less than 50 attendees to literally hundreds of area women. In that time I’ve met hundreds of wonderful women. All coming together to celebrate and raise money for a great new cause each year. Each year they select a new charity and theme.  This years theme was masquerade. There were so many beautiful gowns and creative masks. It really was a beautiful sight. Above all it’s a fundraiser and this year they raised money for pediatric mental health.

Richmond Mom Prom

Amanda, posing here with her mom, is the organizer of this event.

As you may know I am a boudoir photographer, however for this event I do a photo-booth. My focus is working with women. Specifically working with women to help them see their beauty. Helping women to feel better about where they are today so that they are able to go out and live a more fulfilling life is what I do. I do this through my photography work.

Richmond Mom Prom

She won most creative dress.

Richmond Mom Prom

Hey that’s me on the left!

Richmond Mom Prom

One amazing mask

A couple of times a year I will volunteer to work with different groups that are also focused on the growth of women. Being able to be a party of Richmond Mom Prom for so many years now brings me great joy. The organizers are wonderful and all they are able to give back to their chosen charity is amazing. Seeing them announce the amount raised by this seriously fun event fills my heart.

Richmond Boudoir 12th Anniversary coming in April!

Many of you ladies asked about my photography, and so I mentioned the studio’s upcoming 12th anniversary. I’d love to make sure we stay in touch so you don’t miss out on our celebrations and our big birthday sale. Be sure to sign up on my email list to get boudoir styling tips and to get notified about what’s on tap for our big day. Click here to join. 

If you were at this  years event and are looking for the pictures click this link to head over to Facebook and find yours. Not on Facebook? View Mom Prom Gallery Here


Richmond Intimate Portrait Photography

Richmond Intimate Portrait Photography

The beautiful Miss L came in for a portrait session in my Richmond intimate portrait photography studio. I had put out a model for a day call and she signed up to be one of my wonderful muses. Working with interesting women, who are building their own businesses too, is often one of the perks of my job. She is one of those interesting women. Looking for someone to help guide you through your PiYo, beach body, fitness journey? She is an instructor and online fitness coach. Find her Instagram here and be sure to ask about her coaching.  Sharing fit inspo and meal tips makes her IG feed inspiring and I really enjoy following her.

My clients are looking for portraits that more intimately connect them with their femininity and sensuality. Portraits that dig deeper than their pretty smile and get to the heart of who they are as women. We like to find that point with you and to help you bring it to the surface. I have seen how having that intimate connection to self helps women focus on who they are and where they are headed in their lives. Connections made during these types portrait sessions spill over into areas of your life other than just how you’ll feel about how you look. Allowing for you to have a deeper connection to purpose in work and family as well. When you feel better you do better. My clients leave my studio feeling better.  Are you the next one to have this confidence boosting, self love experience for yourself? Contact me! 

What did Miss L have to say about her session? “I definitely felt so comfortable with you. You made me look and feel my best. I also loved the studio, it just added to the already amazing atmosphere. Very professional! I love all the options you gave as well.”- Miss L

Richmond boudoir photographerRichmond boudoir photographerRichmond Intimate Portrait PhotographyVirginia Boudoir photographerIntimate portrait photography virginiaVirginia Boudoir photographerRichmond Intimate Portrait PhotographyRichmond Intimate Portrait PhotographyRichmond Intimate Portrait Photography


Read my 5 things to do for your boudoir session here.

Outfit info:

Black lace robe is part of the studio accessories closet.



Richmond Boudoir Photography | Glitter Mini Session

Richmond Boudoir Photography


“All That Glitters” Mini Sessions

I like to get creative and mix up my work over here in my Richmond boudoir photography studio. Occasionally I want to do something completely different, like play with glitter and body paint, because it brings me joy.  I bounced this idea around in my head for a minute and I kept coming back to the thought that this concept would make for totally badass boudoir images. Hence the creation of the “All That Glitters” mini session.

This series will be done a little differently than our past mini sessions. We will be doing makeup, as per the norm, BUT we are taking it a step further and adding metallic body paint and glitter to the mix. Now if you know me even a little you know that I LOVE sparkly things (glitter being among them) I DO NOT, however, believe in playing with it indoors. For that reason it’s time to break that rule in the biggest way and get us both out of our comfort zones. We are going to create the most amazingly messy, sparkly, works of art OF you and have an incredible time doing it.

Richmond Boudoir Photograph

This session is going to be unique, creative and such a beautiful way to express your sparkling beauty. Yes I just said that!

Check the FAQ at the end of this post for details and In the mean time get inspired by Miss N and her absolutely outstanding session. This one is already topping the list of my favorite boudoir sessions this year. I have to give a massive shout out to her. She completely rocked this session and letting me share this art we created makes me beyond happy. Thanks love! Richmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir Photography Richmond Boudoir PhotographIntimate Portrait Studio Richmond VARichmond VA Boudoir Photography StudioRichmond VA Photography StudioVirginia Boudoir photographyRichmond VA Photography StudioRichmond Boudoir PhotographVirginia Boudoir photography

Are you ready to schedule your “All That Glitters” mini session?


Session fee $199

Session Date: March 21st

What’s included:

  • Complete glam makeup makeover, with false eyelash application
  • Body paint and glitter application
  • Time for 1 outfit (or no outfit at all)
  • Professional pose and expression coaching
  • Pre-Session Styling consultation
  • Private in person image reveal 1 week after your session
  • Custom mobile app of your purchased images (normally $100)
  • $100 studio product credit to use toward the purchase of images and products


Q: Where will this photo shoot take place? 

A: At my Richmond boudoir photography studio located in RVA’s near West end.

Q: Who will be there while I’m being photographed? 

A: Me, my makeup artist and an assistant. Mini sessions aren’t 100% private. You do stand to see another woman in the studio. We try to time each session so that there isn’t a lot of crossover. My studio has 3 different rooms so it’s pretty easy to avoid each other while we actually do the photos. My team is all female. In fact, they’ve all done sessions with me therefor they are fully aware of what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Q: How many pictures are included in the session price? 

A: All images are sold separately and you’ll have a $100 product credit to apply to your image order. Products/image prices begin at $525.

Q:  Since hair styling is not included in this session what should I do with mine?

A: Wear it up! Got a cute bun style you love? Maybe a braid? Click here to see my post on hair tips for your session. You’re also welcome to schedule a visit to your favorite salon and have something unique created for this session. Be sure to join the Richmond boudoir photography Facebook VIP group and get suggestions from my past clients.

Q: Will you share my pictures?

A: No! I do not share a single image without a model release. If you want to allow me to share them we’ll talk about that at your image reveal.

Q: I totally want in on this. What do I do next?

A: Email me! Then we’ll set up a consult time to go over all of the details. or fill out the contact form here.

Feel Confident Now

Richmond Boudoir Photography

Learn to love YOU again.

This Richmond boudoir photography session, featuring the lovely Miss AM, is the one published on Richmond Times Dispatch. It was her second session with me and this wonderful woman was brave enough to share her experience with all of us. Thanks AM!

She is a mom, a wife, she has a career and is hard working, badass, babe.  I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her more than once because I love getting to share these empowering sessions with women. Giving women the gift of reconnecting with a part of themselves that is so often forgotten or buried under the mess and business of living is so joyful for me.

As women we wear so many hats and It can be difficult to take time out to nurture our selves. Richmond Boudoir photography has been an avenue for me to help my clients to slow down and to reconnect with the woman they are when all of those hats are stripped away. It has allowed me to show them how to just be themselves for a minute. I help them to remember who they were before they were a wife, a mom, or a boss. We honor who and where they are today. My hope for each and every woman who enters my studio, and my life, is that they walk away from their experience with me ready to tackle what ever it is they are dreaming of.

A boudoir photography session may seem, to some, like just pretty pictures but it is so much more than that for the women who chose to take this journey. It’s a huge leap in the right direction of loving themselves better today. It’s being able to look in the mirror and love who you see better than you did the day before. It is allowing yourself permission to put yourself on your priority list.  It is allowing yourself to feel confident now and to move forward in life.

Richmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir Photography

To see the TD article click here. 

We’ve been featured on Richmond Times Dispatch

Richmond Boudoir is featured in RTD

Photo by Daniel Sangjib Min/RTD

A while back Richmond Times Dispatch reporter Colleen Curren and staff photographer Daniel Sangjib Min came to my studio to do a feature for the paper on boudoir photography and my studio. I really enjoyed having them in the studio for the day, despite the fact that I feel so awkward on the other side of the camera. I’m so very grateful to be featured and even more grateful to have RTD spreading the word about the value of boudoir photography for women today. I also want to thank Miss A for being our model for the day and thank you to Kelsea Dayberry of Radiant Reflection  for the wonderful job she did (and always does) on makeup and hair styling for the day. What follows is the article copied over from the Richmond Times Dispatch website.


It’s 10 a.m. on a sunny day. Ann-Marie McCormick, 36, mother of three small children, is wearing a black lace body suit, a long silver necklace, heels and nothing else.

She’s getting ready for a boudoir photo session at Richmond Boudoir, where women, and sometimes couples, strip down for sexy professional photos in lingerie — or nothing at all.

“Boudoir photos are a lot more common now,” Ginger Jones, the photographer who runs Richmond Boudoir, said. “The bulk of my clients are women in their 30s and 40s who are doing this to feel good again. They say, ‘I haven’t felt this good in years.’ It’s more of a self-esteem boosting experience than just a photo session.”

In the age of #MeToo, women are turning to boudoir photos as one of the many ways to take control of their sexuality and feel empowered.

“Normally, I’m very reserved about my body,” McCormick said. A friend had a boudoir photo session and posted photos to Facebook. McCormick became intrigued.

McCormick is a working mom with children ages 9, 4 and 1. “I’m so busy with the kids and work, I was feeling like there’s no time for myself,” she said. “I wanted to do this for me.”

She works at a veterinary hospital where she normally wears scrubs every day and puts her hair in a ponytail.

But not today. For her photo session, she’s having her hair and makeup professionally done. Her long blond hair falls in full, wavy curls. Her skin is flawless, her eye lashes black and lacquered, her lips just the palest hint of pink.

“Are you ready, my dear?” Jones asks.

McCormick takes a deep breath, centers herself and says “Yes.”


Jones, 45, has a warm, welcoming, earth-mother type of personality. She puts her clients at ease, quickly, by talking about everything: kids, work, marriage.

“It ends up being half therapy session, half photo session,” Jones joked about a typical boudoir session. But being a confidant and a photographer is a role she enjoys.

She was a wedding photographer for many years, but she said the schedule took a toll. With three biological children and four step-children, she found herself missing out on baseball games and other family activities.

“Weddings were super stressful. You never got a weekend off,” she said.

When she moved to Richmond from Minneapolis, she decided she didn’t want to do weddings anymore.

She said she sort of stumbled into the boudoir business when a friend wanted glamour “pin-up” shots of herself. They spent the day “playing dress up,” doing hair and makeup, and taking tons of photos.

The style has now become a main part of her business. The schedule suits her lifestyle and now she gets to spend her weekends with her family.

She maintains a photo studio, called 422 Studio, where she does head shots and high school portraits.

But Richmond Boudoir is the biggest part. The studio has several sets with different backdrops: there’s a bed with silk sheets, a vintage tub with claw feet and an empire-tufted sofa.


Ginger Jones owner Richmond Boudoir Photo by Daniel Sangjib Min/RTD

Kelsea Dayberry styling makeup on Ann Marie McCormick Photo by Daniel Sangjib Min/RTD

Photo by Daniel Sangjib Min/RTD

Ginger adjusting Ann Marie’s hair Photo by Daniel Sangjib Min/RTD


Richmond Boudoir

Richmond Boudoir Photography

Hey guys! There has been a bit of a gap in my blogging. I have been so busy traveling and doing sessions that the blog has fallen behind. I’ll be back at it in December. I have so many amazing sessions to share with you all and I just can’t wait for you to see them. In the mean time here are just a few shots from recent Model For A Day sessions. Stay tuned for more!

See Your Beauty

Richmond, Virginia

Beauty Portrait Photography

I love it when my clients come in for their boudoir photography session and we are able to catch such a wide range of emotion and expressions in their portraits. We try to capture everything from joyous laughter, a soft feminine smile, to the powerful, passionate expression of her sensual self. My job is so gratifying, in part because I get to help women pull this sensual side of their being up to the surface and then to capture that for them. Most of my clients are doing this session for themselves first. The resulting album full of their gorgeous images are typically a gift for their husband, fiance or romantic partner. The experience of connecting with her beauty and sensuality though, that’s for her. That’s what each of the wonderful women I have photographed have walked away from their session with. They have a renewed sense of confidence and self. The feeling of power gained from this kind of self expression sticks with you. It’s not something that rapidly fades away. When you have a boudoir session with me, and you have your very own images to keep and look at every day, it’s a quick way to pull yourself back to that feeling of being empowered and confident. That feeling that was in you all along. You may have just needed a little nudge to bring it out. I’m so happy that I get to be a part of that process.

This beautiful woman gave me permission to share her session well after we had shot it. It always makes me smile when a woman comes back later and says you know what, go ahead and share these so that other women can see themselves here and know they are welcome to have this experience for themselves too. Thank you Miss B for not only being an amazing client but for allowing me to share your gorgeous session with other women.

Want to be a part of my growing boudoir community and see if boudoir is for you? Join us in the Facebook VIP group.

My photography studio is located in Richmond Virginia but I serve women from all over the state and beyond. Whether you live in DC, Northern VA, Tidewater or Virginia Beach and Hampton areas, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg where ever you are my studio is easily reached here in RVA. Email me today to talk about what you want from your intimate portrait experience.


Richmond Boudoir

Bathtub and Shower Sets

Beauty Portrait Photographer

Richmond, Virginia

I have photographed this beautiful babe many times over the last several years. When I put the bathtub set in the studio I knew she was who I wanted to test it out with. Of course I love everything we’ve come up with working together over the years and this is no exception. She selected a seriously gorgeous outfit for the tub set. I am so in love with this green velvet that I want everyone to bring velvet to their session, yes I know it’s summer and velvet isn’t a summer fabric. I don’t care! I love how it looks. Hell I’d put you in a sweater in the summer if we thought it would communicate a look you feel sexy and confident in. Wardrobe selection is all about what speaks to you.

I had this set in my brain from the moment we put the wood wall in the studio. It took nearly a year to bring it to life and I couldn’t be happier with it. Now I need to figure out a way to fill and drain it so we can do really wet sets. Not to worry ladies! I’m working on it. This set is an exciting addition to my boudoir studio and I am so ready to get people in it. Hopefully I’ll get more sessions in there that I can share. I also added the shower set so be sure to scroll down to see those too. The shower set is just fucking hot and will be a great set for anyone looking to add that extra bit of drama to their session. No need for an outfit with that one. You’ve already got the best thing you can wear in the shower so no need to buy any lingerie for that. I Love both of these sets and I can’t wait to get you in them too!! Email me today and let’s get planning your dream session.

Green velvet outfit is from Amazon. Can you believe that?? Me either!

Shower outfit well she had that one already 😉

My studio is located in Richmond, VA but I serve women from all corners of Virginia and beyond. If you are in Fredericksburg, Williamsburg or Charlottesville you’re about 45 minutes to an hour from me. DC, Northern VA and the Tidewater, Hampton, Newport News, VA Beach area well ya’ll have traffic so anywhere from an hour and a half to 3 hours depending on the day. Be sure to check out the “Learn More” or “Investment” links for info on session pricing.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Feel Empowered

 Boudoir, Beauty and Fitness Photography

Richmond Virginia

The lovely Miss J is one of my kick ass studio ambassadors for the year. This busy mama has found a way to put in the hard work to get her physique tip top and that hard work shows.  I’m always inspired when I see moms take the time to put self care at the top of their to do list. When you have a goal in mind and you set to work toward it whether its’ fitness, progressing in your career path, or mastering a new skill, having the strength to stick to it and the motivation to keep going takes serious effort and commitment. I applaud any of you who are working hard to reach your goals.


Q: What would you say to another women who was considering doing a session with me?
A: DO it!  It makes you feel empowered, confident, sexy, etc.  Every woman should deserve to feel great about themselves, especially in a society where we are constantly told we aren’t enough, for whatever reason.

Q: How did you feel when you left the studio the day of your session?
A: Good!  I was proud of myself for doing the photo shoot.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so happy I got to do it (and looking forward to the next shoot!).

Q: Favorite piece of lingerie you brought for your session?
A: The dominatrix-esque panties that bare all in the back.

Q: What is the best thing you took away from your session?
A: My husband’s reaction : ).

Ready to schedule your own boudoir, beauty  or fitness photography session? Email me today to start talking with me about what you need and how I can help. My studio is located in RVA and I serve clients from all over VA, Fredericksburg, DC, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Norfolk you name it. I’ve worked with women from all over the state.


Feel Sexy

Richmond Virginia Boudoir Photographer

Confidence building photography for women, by women.

Q: What is the best thing you took away from your session?
A: I just feel empowered about having a healthy self image and then feeling passionate that every woman should feel sexy and ignore everything mainstream media fills our pretty heads with!-Studio Ambassador Miss N.
I talk a lot with my clients about shutting down negativity before they come in for their session. This includes things you hear and see in the media and online as well as the thoughts that creep into our own heads. You can’t love something you spend all of your time criticizing and speaking negatively about. How on earth are we to be expected to learn to love our own bodies if we can’t first accept them as they are and love them for all of they have gotten us through to this point? I don’t really think we can. I think we have to take a kinder, gentler approach to self love. I feel it starts with you forgiving yourself for being so self critical.  Then let that negativity go. Shut that negativity down in your own head before it gets out of hand. Don’t allow negative thoughts to turn into negative words. Stop it at the source. I work with you to help you get your head in the right space before and during your boudoir session. We focus our energy on being present, accepting of our bodies, and gentle with ourselves. During the session we work on breathing and relaxing into the process of being photographed. It’s really an enjoyable process and by the end of the day you’ll feel ready to take on the world. A boudoir session with me isn’t just making pretty pictures. It’s a jump start toward learning to love and care for yourself.
This was Miss N’s second session with me and she totally rocked it. I always love when someone comes back for more. The second session is even more magical than the first. Scroll down to see more of her set. We can do this for you too!

To read the rest of Miss N’s Ambassador Interview keep scrolling past her amazing images.

Q: Favorite piece of lingerie you brought for your session?
A: I really enjoyed my bodysuit. It was a rich color and very pretty details
Q: Why did you pick me for to be your photographer?
A: Ever since we met at mom prom I knew you loved what you do and also had amazing talent.
Q: What prompted you to do an Ambassador session rather than a private session?
A: When you announced your ambassador program I was intrigued because of how well our first session went. Ever since then I talk about your talent whenever I can because I truly enjoyed it! To be able to have to opportunity to share why other women should make you their choice already seems to come natural to me.
Q: What were you nervous about coming into the session?
A: Feeling confident in the outfits is always what makes me the most nervous.
Q: What was something you did to calm your nerves before your big day?
A: I got my rest and had my morning cup of coffee. There really isn’t more I can do to prepare.
Q: What would you say to another women who was considering doing a session with me?
A: No matter what your vision is for the session Ginger will help you make it turn out better then you thought. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and not worrying about looking or feeling awkward. She always gives great advice and direction throughout the entire process.
Q: What did I do for/with you that was most helpful?
A: All of your directions, I couldn’t make it work without knowing how to keep my hands from looking awkward in some poses. And whenever you remind me to take a breath!
Q: How did you feel when you left the studio the day of your session?
A: I felt great and excited about all the fun we had.
Q: What is the best thing you took away from your session?
A: I just feel empowered about having a healthy self image and then feeling passionate that every woman should feel sexy and ignore everything mainstream media fills our pretty heads with!
Reach out to me today and let’s start planning your very own confidence building boudoir session.