Boudoir Photo Faves 2022

I have so many boudoir photo faves from 2022 sessions. Y’all rocked it for sure! For all of the changes that took place this year, and there were many, it’s been a really wonderful year. Moving into my dream photography studio ranks extra high on my gratitude list for the year. As does being back to hosting face to face events with you all. It has been so nice to see your faces. Plus the list of possible events to do with you in 2023 just keeps growing.

Boudoir Photo Faves 2022

But we’ll have to save that discussion for another day because the aim today is to share my boudoir photo faves 2022 with you. Of course there are a great many images I’ve created and absolutely loved this year but did not get permission to share. Though that makes me cry in my coffee a little. I get over it. Your privacy is very important to me and so I don’t share private sessions. BUT here are images from sessions I do have permission to share that I am totally in love with. Images in this first group were all created in my current Henrico VA photo studio.

Of course I can’t sum up this year without a few shots from the brief period that we were in the home studio too. It was short but a wonderful place to touch down between studios. I’m grateful to my family for embracing this time and carving out space for me to exist here. I’m also grateful to be passed this period and to have all of the space we have in the new studio.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my amazing team of makeup artists this year. Huge thanks go out to you all Kimmy, Leslie and Emily for making each of my clients feel glamourous and amazing. Click their names to find them on Instagram. Thank you for taking the time to listen to every one of my clients while in your chair. You made each of them feel important and uniquely beautiful. I am ever grateful for you all. If you’re looking for a makeup artist for your Richmond event be sure to reach out to them. These women are absolute pro’s and make each session a dream. I know I am looking forward to all of the sessions I get to work with them on in the coming year.

2022 was a wild ride for sure. Wrapping up the year with a massive sense of gratitude. 2023 here we come!

Add a boudoir session to your 2023 Goal list. You won’t regret it! You can schedule yours today by simply emailing me here.