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Read more about my bad ass clients and see what having a boudoir experience with me has been like.


See Your Beauty

Richmond, Virginia Beauty Portrait Photography I love it when my clients come in for their boudoir photography session and we are able to catch such a wide range of emotion and expressions in their portraits. We try to capture everything from joyous laughter, a soft feminine smile, to the powerful, passionate expression of her sensual...

Bathtub and Shower Sets

Beauty Portrait Photographer Richmond, Virginia I have photographed this beautiful babe many times over the last several years. When I put the bathtub set in the studio I knew she was who I wanted to test it out with. Of course I love everything we’ve come up with working together over the years and this...

Feel Empowered

 Boudoir, Beauty and Fitness Photography Richmond Virginia The lovely Miss J is one of my kick ass studio ambassadors for the year. This busy mama has found a way to put in the hard work to get her physique tip top and that hard work shows.  I’m always inspired when I see moms take the...

Feel Sexy

Richmond Virginia Boudoir Photographer Confidence building photography for women, by women. Q: What is the best thing you took away from your session? A: I just feel empowered about having a healthy self image and then feeling passionate that every woman should feel sexy and ignore everything mainstream media fills our pretty heads with!-Studio Ambassador...


 Richmond, Virginia Boudoir Photographer Q: What were you nervous about coming into the session? A: Being exposed and showing the body that the three children I have helped create. I work with a LOT of mothers and this part of Miss A’s interview rings true for so many of us. Being exposed in front of...

Hot mamas

On this mothers day let’s pay tribute to all the hot ass moms out there. Ladies I love you! Thanks for letting us know that being a mom doesn’t require us to hand in our “sexyAF” card. We had it, we still got it, gonna keep it! Hot mom! Yup another hot mom!!  You guessed...

What’s my name?

Richmond, VA Boudoir Photographer Oh hey Richmond! How ya been? I figured it’s been a minute since I’ve properly introduced myself  here so Hello!! I’m Ginger, your boudoir photographer, sexiness guide, confidence groomer. Now you know my name so let’s dive in a little deeper so you can get to know know more about me...

5 things to do before your boudoir session

Richmond, Virginia Boudoir and Beauty Photographer These are the 5 things I suggest every woman do before her boudoir photo session. 1. Relax! For real!! You’re in good hands here and it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to laugh and talk and probably lose track of time because we’re having such...

To old for boudoir?

Again don’t take my word for it.   ME: What would you say to another women who was considering doing a session with me? MISS K: Don’t worry about how old you are or how much you weigh. Feeling confident, sexy and beautiful is for everyone.   That’s right! It’s for everyone. You are not...

Step Away from the lingerie

I want to tell you that it’s ok to not want to wear only lingerie for your session. It’s ok to not like complicated lingerie. Of course it’s ok to love those pieces too but today we’re going to chat about ways to style your session when you don’t love those things. Many of my...

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