How to prep your hair for your Boudoir Photo Session

In my studio we dry style your hair. So today I’m going to talk to you about boudoir photo session hair prep. Long ago and far away the go to advice for photo hair styling was that day old hair styled best. That’s simply not true for your boudoir session. Or head shots, or maternity. On your wedding day if you’re doing your hair up be sure to ask your stylist what they recommend. But for your boudoir photography session clean, totally dry, hair is the way to go.

Clean Dry Hair Is The Way To Go

Clean dry hair ensures that you don’t have too many products in your hair weighing it down or making it difficult to hold onto curls. Need product recommendations? I will always default to you asking your personal stylist for these. They know your hair better than anyone on my team so be sure to ask them when you’re at the salon. And of course lovely locks begin way before you come to see us so be sure to work in a couple of salon visits prior to your session so that your hair is being well cared for. We are fortunate to have many great salons in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Now here are a few of my pre-session tips for helping your hair look photo ready.

  1. Touch up your color 5 to 7 days before your photo session.
  2. Be sure to get a trim a week or two before your session.
  3. Drink plenty of water. It helps literally everything in your body run better.
  4. Use a satin pillow case. They can help prevent damage and tangles. So can a sleep bonnet.
  5. Talk to me about any styling concerns you have before you come in for your session.

Boudoir Photo Session Hair Q&A

Q. What if I have very short/no hair?

A: Hair length doesn’t define sexy. You will still look sexy in your boudoir photos if you have short hair. Whether your hair is down to your butt or shaved tight to your scalp its’ all good!

Q: What if my hair is very thin?

A: Thin hair does affect some styles we can do. What it doesn’t affect is whether you’ll feel amazing in your photos. You will! We always work with the individual head of hair to style it in ways that work best for your hair. Be sure to let me know if you are worried about thin hair before you come in so we can discuss styles and learn what you typically do ahead of time.

Curvy boudoir photography richmond va

Q: My hair is wavy/curly and fairly difficult to style should I do anything special before I come in?

A: This depends. Do you want to work with your natural curl? Then I suggest a light curl cream or leave in conditioner the morning of your session. If you want smoother sleek hair or more tailored curls then see your stylist the morning of your session, or the night before, for a blow out.

Q: My hair is very curly or I wear it in a protective style (braids/locks) should I do something different before I come in?

A: No way! Protective styles are beautiful and so is natural hair. Talk to me before the session and we’ll go over the specific details of what styling you think will work best for you.

These are a few of my tips and suggestions for how to prep your hair for your Boudoir Photo Session. This is by no means an exhaustive resource. If you have more questions or need specific recommendations feel free to join my Facebook VIP group (clicky click) and ask the wonderfully helpful folks in there.

When you schedule your own boudoir photo session with Richmond Boudoir (aka 422 Studio) I will help guide you through the process of being prepared. I don’t leave you out there on your own trying to figure it out. Reach out today and let’s talk about what this could look like for you. Fill out my contact form here.