How to pick a boudoir photographer

Of course I am biased and I want you to pick me as your boudoir photographer BUT only if you think we are a good fit. Here are some ways you can tell if a boudoir photographer might be the one for you. We’ll assume that you’ve gathered a list of candidates in your area and budget . Once you’ve got those two down it’s decision time.

Ask yourself what are the most important things you’d like available to you on your session date. And how much guidance you’ll want beforehand.

Some good questions to ask.

Do you want a photographer with their own studio or one who works on location (like at a hotel or your home)?

Does their gender matter to you?

Is it important that they provide wardrobe options?

How much planning assistance will they give you prior to the session?

Are you allowed to bring a friend?

Is on site hair and makeup styling a must for you?

What product options do they provide for displaying your boudoir photos?

Is your privacy a priority to them and how will the images be used by them?

Do they have images on their website of women that look like you? Similar age/body shape/skin tone etc?

Do you really like their work?

Do they offer payment plans?

Have you followed them on social media to get a feel for their personality?

All of these are excellent questions to ask when you are wondering how to pick a boudoir photographer. A boudoir photo session experience is personal, intimate and can affect your confidence in so many ways. You want to make sure you’re choosing someone who is going to take the trust you’ve placed in them seriously. And who will give you an experience that will leave you feeling confident, beautiful and seen.

Having been in this industry for 16 years I know just how important a choice this can be. If you’re wondering how I stack up against these questions let’s see.

My answers to these questions:

I have a 2000 square foot boudoir photography studio in Henrico County VA, just north of Richmond. I’m a woman. We have an extensive accessories and shoe closet and limited lingerie options. I offer pre-session planning calls and online style and prep guides as well. You can absolutely bring a friend if they will help you feel more comfortable. On site hair and makeup is available and I work with a very talent team of local artist. You’ll see samples of these in the studio but we offer gorgeous album, beautiful metal wall art prints, folio boxes and digital files in our collections. I only share images with your express permission. I do offer pre-session payment plans for your convenience. Whether you love my work is up to your style. I do so hope you see yourself represented in my portfolio (Click here to see more of my work). Following me on social media is easy. I’ll drop links below.

Like I said before I know I’m biased but I hope this helps you know how to pick a boudoir photographer.

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