Self Love Journey

I’ve heard the phrase self love journey from so many of my clients this year that I just had to post about it. Perhaps there is something in the air. You see I set this as one of my intentions for the year too, to celebrate women and myself, so seeing it play out in the lives of my clients as well is really neat. I love how sometimes we all just end up on the same journey.

Many of the women I’ve worked with this year have said their boudoir photo session is part of that greater self love journey that they’re on. Let me tell you first that I am 100% here for this journey. And I’m overwhelmed with pride at being selected to help them on their way. It’s an absolute honor to be here for you all.

Most of us just want to feel good again

Miss L was one of these women. Looking to reconnect with herself and celebrate where she is in this current phase of life. And like so many of us, she has been dealing with having lower self esteem. Which In today’s world, is not entirely uncommon. We all just want to feel better about where we are. To feel like we are enough as we are, right now, without adding 100 things to change about ourselves. Most of us just want to feel good again, or feel good for the first time. We also want to not hate our bodies and maybe even get to a place where we can love ourselves. Because we deserve to love ourselves. Taking time out to celebrate you in ways big and small can totally help speed the process along.

YOU are absolutely, without a doubt, cause for celebration. Whether you’re doing an entire year of celebrating you as you near a milestone birthday or maybe you’re heading out for a cruise and solo tropical vacation post divorce. I love that you’ve chosen to add a boudoir photography session with me to your celebration schedule. It’s going to be an amazing part of the journey.

In fact if you’re ready to add a boudoir photo session to your personal year of celebration I am more than happy to help. Drop me an email and let’s talk about what this could mean for you too. Contact me here!