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This Richmond boudoir photography session, featuring the lovely Miss AM, is the one published on Richmond Times Dispatch. It was her second session with me and this wonderful woman was brave enough to share her experience with all of us. Thanks AM!

She is a mom, a wife, she has a career and is hard working, badass, babe.  I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her more than once because I love getting to share these empowering sessions with women. Giving women the gift of reconnecting with a part of themselves that is so often forgotten or buried under the mess and business of living is so joyful for me.

As women we wear so many hats and It can be difficult to take time out to nurture our selves. Richmond Boudoir photography has been an avenue for me to help my clients to slow down and to reconnect with the woman they are when all of those hats are stripped away. It has allowed me to show them how to just be themselves for a minute. I help them to remember who they were before they were a wife, a mom, or a boss. We honor who and where they are today. My hope for each and every woman who enters my studio, and my life, is that they walk away from their experience with me ready to tackle what ever it is they are dreaming of.

A boudoir photography session may seem, to some, like just pretty pictures but it is so much more than that for the women who chose to take this journey. It’s a huge leap in the right direction of loving themselves better today. It’s being able to look in the mirror and love who you see better than you did the day before. It is allowing yourself permission to put yourself on your priority list.  It is allowing yourself to feel confident now and to move forward in life.

Richmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir PhotographyRichmond Boudoir Photography

To see the TD article click here. 

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