Feel Sexy Now Without Losing 15 Pounds

How to feel sexy now, without losing 15 pounds first

When I ask women what is holding them back from having their own boudoir session, one of the most common responses I hear is that they want to lose 15 pounds first. Throw in another number if that sounds like you, 10, 25, 50. I’m here to tell you stop. You are allowed to live your life, feel good about yourself and yes, even feel sexy, WITHOUT losing a dam pound. Not one! Here is how we’re going to start ditching the notion that we MUST be smaller to be sexy. I can help you start your self-love journey with these 3 easy steps (ok sometimes step 1 is not so easy).

Step 1. Let go of the idea that sexy has a size.

That’s right! Look away from the Instagram models and magazines that make you feel like your worth is tied to a number on the scale or the size in your jeans. It’s not! YOU are the only person who is allowed to establish your value so by all means set it high my friend. There is more to feeling sexy than those factors, a lot more. Confidence is sexy. Self assuredness is sexy. When you look up synonyms for sexy do you know what you see? You’ll see: mature, risqué, voluptuous, provocative, racy, sensual and a host of other juicy alternatives. You know what you don’t see? An age, a size, shit you don’t see a gender, race, profession or list of personal accolades. You already possess, in you, all that is required to feel sexy. Just look for it!

Step 2. Buy lingerie you feel amazing in.

I mean it! Buy the pieces that make you feel hot as hell. Get out and shop. Online and locally, until you find the pieces that speak to you. The outfits that when you put them on and stand in front of the mirror your first thought is DAYUM I AM SO HOT!!! I am here to help with this. So many women struggle to find the right lingerie for the job so we’ll do a style consultation for your boudoir photo session. I don’t leave you hanging on your own looking for the best fit or style. I got you! I’ve even got an online style guide to help you out.

Step 3. Have your photo session.

Spend the day with me learning to let your body feel sensual. Embracing your curves. Relaxing into the process of allowing me to capture your sensuality and beauty. Then hang these images of your gorgeous self all over your walls so you are reminded daily that you are a badass just the way you are. You are strong, confident, beautiful and yes sexy, all day, every day. Even in sweatpants with no makeup, still sexy, because it’s in you all along.


I give my clients homework before their session and it looks something like this. For the 2 weeks before your session you are not allowed to speak badly to yourself. I tell them “if you wouldn’t say it to your best girlfriend or your daughter then you are not to say it to yourself either”, and when the negativity comes into your head (which it absolutely will) shut it down and don’t speak it. Let the thought pass through your brain and right back out. Now look in the mirror and say 1 nice thing about yourself. If you slip and allow that negative thought to leave your lips part of the homework is to say 3 kind and loving things in its place. Turn that negative self talk off, for just these 2 weeks. Watch it improve your confidence and in turn allow your sexy to rise up. The boost you get from your session might just leave you ready to take on other things in life you’ve maybe been putting off. It’s a total boost to your self esteem and a great way to get your confidence back up.

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