Retro Richmond Locations

I LOVE to shoot on location. I have had the pleasure of photographing at some of the most fun homes and locations in the Richmond, VA area. Of course I’m always looking for exciting new places to shoot at. Gotta keep producing fresh new images for my clients. This year I’m reaching out to all of you in the know Richmonder’s to find out what you all think are the best of the best Retro locations in Richmond. If you know of or own a retro home, office/lounge, bar, diner, car shop, barber shop or the like drop me a line. I’d love to come scout your place as a possible location for future Pin Up, or Boudoir, photo sessions.

I am also looking for a pool to do an early summer session at. The pool doesn’t have to be retro but that would be a bonus, as would a diving board. It just needs to offer us enough privacy to work in peace. You know that ladies all dolled up in retro bathing suits would cause the neighbors to peek over the fence for sure.

As always vehicle owners who want to allow us to use their vintage (pre-69 please) cars, trucks, tractors etc. I am always on the lookout for new (but old haha) cars for hot rod sessions. I’d love to shoot at a farm this year with a vintage tractor too. So if you’ve got the farm and the tractor then you’ve got one interested photographer here. 

So in a nutshell I’m looking for the following.

— Cool Pool
— Retro Tractor
— Vintage Hot Rods
— Classic Diner
— Unique Bar
— Fabulous Retro home (prefer Mid-Century)
— One of a kind Hotel or Bed and Breakfast
— Vintage Aircraft
— Other sweet retro locations

So again if you know of any place that you think 422 Studio could rock out an amazing Retro Pin Up photo session, in or near Richmond VA then I’d love to see what you’ve got.

Also my team is well behaved and I’m insured!!! Not to mention we are simply fabulous company!

I’d love to hear from you!
804-833-0888 or email me at

Here are a few of the images from some of my favorite past locations.
This beautiful piece of machinery was from a private collector.
 Duckpin Bowling on the Southside with the ladies of Taboo
 Richmond Superbike again with Taboo
 Super fun Tiki bar in a private home and the fabulous Dot’s Back Inn, northside.

 Another of the private collectors we’ve worked with.
 Private home in Richmond, VA.

 Private Lounge in Richmond, VA.
As you can see I’ve worked all over this town. I love this city, it’s so rich with history and scenery. I’d love to see more of it. Help me make Richmond even more beautiful this year.

Here is my contact info again.

804-833-0888 or email me at

 Hope to hear from you soon!

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