Welcome to the dark side

When you have images lying around that you never blogged and are completely in love with you go ahead and blog them. Better late than never. I had put some of these images out on my social media at the time we did them but I never put them here.

This session is a little older and features local burlesque performer Deepa De Jour. She came in to the studio to help me with a challenge. My studio has a very light and airy side and a dark and moody side. At the time we did this session I shot mainly in the light and airy room and the darker room just didn’t have it’s own vibe yet. I’d tried for years to love that space and it had yet to happen.  I was trying to stretch myself in my shooting and to get this space finally sorted out. I needed to find it’s light. I decided to shoot in 1 corner of the dark side, only. I limited myself to just that one area and her to 1 outfit. Which, by the way, she made. Beautiful and crafty that one!! She’s made so many gorgeous outfits for her performances over the years though that putting this together I’m sure was no challenge for her.I told her what I wanted and she totally nailed it. I wanted to limit myself to this small space to see just what we could come up with on this bed. This is the session that honestly made me love shooting in this space. I absolutely love how the light wraps around the body barely touching it and highlighting all the best curves. I finally found the light in this room. I shoot in this space all the time now and love the images made in this room. I’m thankful she let me play that day. It really brought a whole new dynamic to how I shoot and what images I love most. The room decor has changed a bit but that sexy sexy light remains. Thanks for helping me find that light Deepa!