2019 Year in Review

2019 how ya been?

I feel like every year I say what an amazing year it was, however, 2019 started off in a rough place. I was having a hard time working through seasonal depression. In part because the absolute shit weather we had in the beginning of the year was making it hard to perk up. Plus I swear it rained from June 2018 through May 2019. Like every day for almost a year.

So in April I took a trip to Florida to work with my long time friend Heather, at Columbus Boudoir. I needed the advice of a fellow photographer AND she was going to photograph me again. This would be just the boost I needed to get things back on track. During this time I was reminded that I NEED to care for myself just as much as my clients do. Similarly I need that self esteem boost. I need that feel good, attitude adjustment, that makes me feel like I can take on the world too. We all need that little nudge to kick our negative self talk out and start making progress toward a life we really want to live. Getting on the other side of the camera, working with a friend AND getting some needed vitamin D helped to pull me out of my months long funk.

Three of my favorites from my session with Heather!

Doing my own boudoir session also helped redirect me back to my work. It has helped guide the way I run my studio ever since. First it got me asking myself how to serve my clients best. Then what changes would I need to make going into 2020? What am I really loving about my work? Lastly where do I see myself going in the next 5 years? I’ve spent the remainder of this year stretching myself when I shoot. Returning to my roots on occasion and stepping outside of anything I’ve ever shot before. We did sessions in pools and the river. We played with body paint and even shoot some classic pinup again. I allowed myself to get creative this year and I have loved it. Therefor, I honestly can say it has been an amazing year.

As a result of all of this experimenting I want to challenge myself even more of it in 2020. I want to travel more. Play more. Make more messes! Get creative and forget the rules. I am looking forward to all that’s on the horizon in 2020. The upcoming studio expansion. Yes we are growing! Traveling!! I’ve currently got Arizona, Florida, Vegas and California trips in the works. 2020 is looking good from where I’m standing. 2019 You’ve been good to me. Thank you!

Finally I’d like to present just a few of my favorite images from sessions I had permission to share this year.