Best of 2016

I love doing a “best of” post at the beginning of the new year. It gives me a chance to reflect on my body of work, see where I’m strong and where I need to grow more. This year my best of are seriously some of my favorite images that I’ve ever made. I probably say that every year, but then again isn’t that the point, to love your work more and more each year. I suppose that means you’re growing in ways you can feel proud of. For me this year brought many, shall we say, provocative changes to my work. I’ve worked very hard to create images with a deeper connection to my clients. My work is heading in a direction that I personally feel very excited about, I hope you do too. I’m creating images with my clients that are more intimate, sensual and personal and that makes me feel a great sense of pride.  These images are a very small sampling of my best sessions and best work this year. I could have loaded this post with hundreds of images (which would have been easier than narrowing them down) but that would be to much. More of each session can be, or will be soon, found on the blog if you want to see more.

Still more changes are in store for the studio this year and I am happily working behind the scenes to get those out to you.  I set some pretty steep goals for myself for 2017, one of which is to photograph 100 boudoir sessions this year.  I set it that high because I want to push myself even harder this year. I want to create more. I want to meet more of Virginia’s amazing women. I want to hear your stories and I want to capture your sensual, intimate selves. I am beyond excited for the studio this year and I hope to see you soon.

Without further ado here are just a handful of my favorite images from 2016. These client images are shared with permission from the client, as always.

richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9861 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9405

bw2-3968 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4728 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9115 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-6951 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-5767 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4903-2 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4842 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2794 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2207 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-3 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2646 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-5644 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2685 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9351 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9109 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2701 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-9848 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2716 richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-2 img_9904richmond-virginia-boudoir-photographer-4937

I wish you all a prosperous and extraordinary 2017. May you step outside of your comfort zone and totally crush your goals this year.

Thanks for making my 2016 a spectacular year.



This is me wishing you a happy new year!