Best of 2017

It’s that time! Time for my best of 2017 post. What can be said of 2017 that hasn’t been summed up by a million other people already? Not much! It’s been one hell of a year though that’s for sure. Here in my small corner of the world it’s been a pretty dam good one too.  Yeah my back is falling apart but that’s kinda small potatoes in the grand scheme. I got to go to Las Vegas for WPPI and learn from some really wonderful photographers. I got to go to Arizona and take in the incredible beauty of the desert. I went to Florida again this year and camped on an island with my family for a few days. I got married to my favorite person (Eric that’s you lol)!!! <- the BEST!!! It really has been a great year for me. I hope it’s been a good one for you too.  My back slowed me down at work a little but it hasn’t stopped me from creating gorgeous images of amazing ladies. It’s challenged me to work smarter! This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and shot different styles and played around more. I’m seeing a trend here and my favorite images seem to be from the dark and moody side of the studio. There are still a few light airy ones in here but I am loving that dark space so much.

This post is always hard for me because I’d love to share an image from every single session I shot but since I don’t have permission to share them all I’ll share some of my favorites from the ones I can. I also want to say Thank you to each and every one of my amazing clients this year. I have loved working with all of you. You make my job the best in the world. You are all so wonderful and each of you brought something special to the table. It has been such a blessing for me to work with you all. I am so grateful to have met you all. I hope each of you has the most super kick ass 2018.