Richmond Boudoir Photographer

As I was going through my images from 2017 I realized I left a couple of sessions sitting in my blog list and had never put them out. What a shame! This lovely lady came in for a Muse session and I got busy and forgot to blog it so here we go.  She was so much fun to work with. Years of dance and theater really taught her how to move gracefully. Years of working with women have taught me that this isn’t something most of us come by naturally. Sometimes we find it really hard to relax and just let go when we’ve got a camera in our face. One thing I work really hard with each client on is getting relaxed during the session. Being photographed can be intimidating. It’s not something most people do every day. Especially something as intimate and vulnerable as a boudoir session.  Most of my clients tell me they haven’t had a professional portrait made since their wedding, some since their high school senior portraits, some have never had one. When you do your session with me you’ll see that I’m really easy to work with.  I coach you through every single pose and I help you to relax so you’re able to connect with your own sensual expressions and body language. It also doesn’t hurt that I am not graceful myself, we laugh way to much and I just can’t take myself to seriously when I work. I want you to enjoy your day. I want you to feel confident. I want you to feel safe and free to express yourself. I want to help you connect with your sensuality. I also want to create images with you that are not just pretty pictures but are completely fucking amazing.  

Unfortunately I don’t remember all of her wardrobe info either. She brought this bright purple bra, which fit her bright personality so very well. I love the waist cincher she brought too and I know they carry them at Bygones vintage in Carytown and Kiss and Makeup in the near west end of Richmond. The shoes are part of the studio wardrobe and so is the black lace robe she is wearing in some of the shots.