Why Boudoir Photography?

What is it about having a boudoir photography session that makes us feel so confident?

Boudoir Photography

Many women, myself included, don’t always see ourselves clearly because we are viewing ourselves through a negative lens. As a result of this we may have a distorted view of our bodies, our beauty and our value. Overcoming a negative perspective is necessary if we are to live lives that are fulfilling and joyful. There are hundreds of ways to build self confidence and self esteem. You could work with a life coach or hire a personal trainer, a therapist or yogi, and read self help books. The list of ways we can improve our self view is extensive.

boudoir photography

So what is it about a boudoir photography session that is different than any of these other things? Well for me, a boudoir session can help you to see where you actually are right now. It helps you to have a clear view of yourself as you are today. Without changing a thing about yourself. We are often our own worst critic. We stand in front of the mirror and criticize everything from our fine lines to our waist line and more. If there is a “flaw” there we’ll find it, and pick at it. We base our value and our self worth, on this distorted perspective. Consequently we’re wrecking our self esteem.

Changing lives one boudoir photography session at a time.

Richmond Boudoir Photography

Many of my clients have come to me after their session telling me how life changing the confidence boost they got has been. Seeing themselves more positively, thanks to their boudoir photography session, helped them to tackle other challenging areas in their life. Thing’s that they’d been putting off. Like starting their own business or, leaving an unhealthy marriage, starting their health and fitness journey and being more present in their lives. In other words they felt finally able to grow in those areas.

Boudoir photography helps us to literally see ourselves in a new light and through someone else’s eyes. As a result it helps us place things in their proper perspective and, if done lovingly, it helps us to view ourselves through a more gentle set of eyes. That is to say through a positive lens. Doing a boudoir photography session defies our negative self talk patterns and opens our hearts to being more loving toward ourselves. It is an act of self acceptance and self love.

Boudoir photography

I recommend doing a session, of course I may be biased, but I think every woman could benefit from loving herself a little more right now.

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