RVA beauty photography experience

“a way for me to learn to love myself”

This RVA beauty photography experience was years in the making. Miss T and I have known each other casually for dam near a decade. Sometimes it takes time to come around and be ready. After we expanded the studio this year to include a new portrait area we launched a Model For A Day program. Then she saw an opportunity to do a session that would capture her how she felt most confident. She wasn’t convinced that classic lingerie boudoir styling was the look for her. However, she knew she wanted to do a session to capture where she is at this stage of life. We designed a session around her wishes. We also broke down her comfort zone enough to get her gorgeousness captured in boudoir images too. I am absolutely thrilled that I got to finally work with Miss T.

Keep reading for her interview.

RVA beauty photography experience

Q: What prompted you to do a boudoir session?
A: This was a way for me to learn to love myself and my body’s changes as I get older.

Q: Why did you select me to be your photographer?
A: I am familiar with your work and felt the most comfortable with you. It helped that I know you thru other friends!

RVA beauty photography experience

Q: What were you most nervous about coming into the session?
A: I am really awkward in front of a camera and uncomfortable with the changes in my body 

Q: What was something you did to calm your nerves before your big day?  
A: Nothing really, I had a mini panic attack in the car.  I didn’t calm down and relax until I was in the make up chair and let our conversation take my mind off of the main reason I was there    

DO IT!!!!!! you will love every moment of this!!!!!  Ginger is awesome from start to finish at making you feel comfortable!

RVA beauty photography experience

Q: How did you feel when you left the studio the day of your session? 
 A: Very happy, excited and so proud of myself for doing something that I was uncomfortable doing in the beginning.

Q: What is the best thing you took away from your session?
A: The feeling of being more comfortable with myself and Confidence!!!!!

Q: What did I do for/with you that was most helpful?
A: Talking me thru what to expect and what to do from the moment I set up my appointment all the way to the end of the session.  Your e-mails are very organized and helpful.

Q: What could I have done better?    
A: Nothing that I can think of! Emoji

Q: What would you say to another woman who was considering doing a session with me?
A: DO IT!!!!!! you will love every moment of this!!!!!  Ginger is awesome from start to finish at making you feel comfortable!

Shopping Details:

Which pieces of lingerie where your favorites and where did you find it?    I found all my pieces at Victoria Secret’s,  I think my favorite would be the bralette and silky pants.

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